How to Spot Fleas in Bed and the Difference Between Bed Bugs and Fleas

If you are having flea issues or bed bug issues, contact the professionals from Exterminator Peterborough. Bed bugs and fleas might seem alike, but there is an important difference between them when we talk about physical characteristics. The biggest difference between a flea and a bed bug is to look at the shape of these two insects. Bed bugs have a shape that resembles a seed and is flat, however, a bed bug is more oval-shaped. The flea is also generally a bit smaller than the flea with an average size of 4-5 mm for bed bugs and 1.5 mm between 3 mm. What confuses a lot of people when it comes to identifying bed bugs and fleas is that they are both reddish-brown in colour. So, what are the behavioural differences between the bed bug and the flea?

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are parasitic insects that happen to be related to other arthropods. They are characterized by a brown-reddish colour and are commonly seen in residential properties. They are often found in between the mattress, couches, bedding, and carpets, and even have the habit of hiding between the baseboards. Bed bugs jump into action when it is nighttime when the host is vast asleep.

Fleas are a big danger and so are bed bugs, they are both a threat to human health as they can both spread blood born illnesses. Treating either requires a professional treatment. While your pets can be treated for fleas, you cannot be.

Bed bug and flea bites

The way that bed bug extracts blood from the host is with two needle-like syringes that penetrate the skin. One needle-like mouth part is used to numb the skin with certain proteins and the other one is used to extract the blood from the host. This process is completely painless, and the host will not notice anything until they wake up with some irritation on the skin. Most people that have been exposed to bed bug bites may misunderstand the situation completely and think that mosquitoes were at work. This also complicates the situation to act right away because the issue isn’t properly identified to find a solution effectively.


Fleas are also parasitic insects that are more prevalent in between the fur of pets such as dogs and cats. They can cause annoyance not only to animals but can also annoy humans who happen to be allergic to people. In animals, the consequences can be very visible and can lead to things like hair loss, infections, and anemia. Fleas can cause cats and dogs such discomfort that they are able to scratch their skin open and can also transmit tapeworms and typhus.

Flea and bed bug bite appearance

Flea bumps are raised and have a dot in the middle. Fleas can breed incredibly fast where the female egg can lay as many as 25 eggs a day. These fleas reach adulthood in about 17 to 25 days. To find fleas, you have to look where your pet rests or sleeps and this can include a dog kennel, cat kennel, dog/cat bed, and dog houses. Fleas can even stay on humans in very rare cases. If you want to get rid of bed bugs and fleas, you will need a professional intervention that is done by licensed and insured individuals that have access to proper insecticides to flush out the issue. Contact the professionals from Exterminator Peterborough. Call 705-535-0854