How To Get Rid of Ticks in Your Yard

We all know by now that ticks are a very problematic insect and pest to have that can spread deadly diseases like Lyme Disease. People who are fond of the outdoors are extremely wary of this insect because of the chance they are likely to encounter ticks. Ticks are a parasitic insect that is related to mites. They are often spotted hiding in tall grasses and latch on to people whenever people brush up against them. They can find their way into equipment, shoes, hair, underarms, and even on your pests.

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Therefore, it is extremely important to make sure that ticks are not anywhere when you come from the outdoors, especially in densely packed areas like woods and forests. Even though to many people ticks seem an issue that is far from their home, ticks can even find themselves in the back of your yard! So what do you do to make sure that ticks do not make it to your home? These are the ways that ticks do not invade your yard and how to get rid of them in your yard.

1. Make their habitat unhabitable

Make sure you trim your lawns and clear out debris. Ticks are very fond of shaded areas and tall grasses. Once these factors are eliminated, ticks will move away since it does not meet their requirements.  Debris can include biological materials such as leaves, twigs, dried-up trimmings, etc. It is very important that you rake your yard as well because ticks are attracted to shaded areas as well!

2. Create a nuisance for ticks

Nobody likes to be bothered when you are going somewhere. Ticks like to travel as smoothly as possible and on even ground. By lining the sides of your yards with gravel or traditional mulch. Ticks will be heavily bothered and will not be able to move as smoothly as they want.

3. Dried them out with Dichotomous Earth.

Dichotomous Earth is very well known among those people who like to have green fingers because of a very notorious pest, grubs. What DE does is dry out the grubs and other garden worms. DE can also be a tick-killer. Dichotomous Earth will dry them out within hours and will kill them.

The best way to take care of ticks is to hire professional tick experts that have the equipment, the skill, and the pesticides to take care of ticks wherever they are. Our technicians are licensed and insured to be able to deal with every kind of situation that the technicians might be faced with. Our technicians have powerful pesticides for every sort of situation. For more information or to hire us, call 705-535-0854