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if you continue to see contractual pests following service and within the guarantee and warranty period, we will return at no additional cost. All of our services are guaranteed, and we provide extensive warranties to ensure that all pests are gone, and our customers are happy. Call Exterminator Peterborough for ant control services in Peterborough.

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Exterminator Peterborough offers effective ant removal services. Our technicians are fully licensed and experienced to deal with any ant problem, no matter the situation. We provide comprehensive solutions to all ant species, including pavement ants, carpenter ants, and pharaoh ants. Our treatments are safe, reliable, and affective. If you have been dealing with an ant problem on your property, give us a call and a technician will be there soon for an inspection and treatment that works for you.

The first step of the extermination process involves a thorough inspection in which we determine the ant species and the root of the problem. Some ant colonies can be traced back to a larger one somewhere else on the property. Our technicians look for signs of ant activity on both the interior and exterior of the home. A proper inspection allows for a more effective treatment.

Following the inspection, the technician on site provides recommendations and a walkthrough of the extermination required. In most cases, the treatment is straightforward. All affected areas are treated with a powerful insecticide that is specifically formulated for the species on site. Bait may also be placed around the property to keep ants from coming back. The products we use have lasting effects. If a nest is located behind a wall cavity, we may also use an ultra-light volume mist.

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Types of Ants

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Carpenter ants measure up to 25mm in length, nearly 10 times larger than pavement ants. Carpenter ants usually appear reddish brown to black, though some may appear yellow. These ants feed on other insects as well as nectars, juices, fats, and salty foods. They do not eat wood, but tunnel through it to build nests. Carpenter ants build galleries in soft wooden structures such as decks, sheds, roofs, and window frames. The damages they cause get worse with time and should be stopped before the colony expands further.


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Pavement ants are extremely common in Ontario. These ants measure about 3mm in length and are dark brown to black in colour. There are several queens within a pavement ant colony, which may consist of thousands of ants. Pavement ants can be found outside under bricks, decks, and concrete slabs. Inside, they will nest in the floors and walls. Pavement ants often come indoors when they smell food or when temperatures drop outside.


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Pharaoh ants are about the same size as pavement ants, but they are yellow to light brown. Some pharaoh ants appear translucent. Pharaoh ants are notorious for invading Canadian homes and businesses in the spring and fall. Once indoors, they can be very difficult to get rid of. As omnivores, pharaoh ants will feed on most things, but they are particularly attracted to sweet and fatty foods.


Citronella Ant Control

Citronella ants are yellower than the other species in Ontario. They appear light yellow to light brown and measure up to 25mm in length. Outside, citronella ants typically nest under logs and decaying pieces of wood. Indoors, they prefer to nest in humid, wooden areas, such as the wall voids of an old bathroom. Finding citronella ants in the home can therefore signify a moisture problem. Because they hide in the walls, it is important that you have these pests removed as soon as possible. The colony will get bigger with time and spread through the house.


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Why Hire a Professional Ant Exterminator?

Professionals have the right training and equipment to get rid of ants properly. They can find exactly where the pests are nesting and eliminate them at the source. The pest control products that professionals use are also much more effective than those available in stores. They will completely eliminate the ants on your property and continue to keep pests out for months. The traps, sprays, and repellents that you can buy in stores are only temporary solutions.

Ants are persistent pests that risk damaging your property. Carpenter ants will severely damage the wooden structures inside the home, and other ants will contaminate your food. Some colonies may consist of thousands of ants, so it is important that you have them removed entirely. Don’t wait – call the experts at Exterminator Peterborough today