Signs of infestations 

Signs of infestations 

As there are several animals and insects in existence, the signs that show an infestation are as different as each animal or insect. Unfortunately, that means looking out for different things at the same time. We humans have been living side by side with different types of animals throughout our existence. Some are helpful like cats, dogs, a whole range of animals we consider cattle have been paramount to the development and advancement of several human civilizations. Now there are some that are just difficult to control and have been a plague and an issue and we grow comfortable in our urban homes and cities.

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As earlier mentioned before, infestations can be different for every type of insect or rodent which are classified under common household pest. Below you can find a brief list and explanations of signs you can come across. Note that this list is not expansive and that it only gives general clues as to what to look out for.


Rats and mice are common household pests that can find themselves in any type of building they find suitable. Some common signs of rodent infestations are seeing feces and smelling urine. Rodent feces differ per species and per animal, but as a rule of thumb. Mouse feces are smaller and generally “the size of a grain of rice” they are small, black, and they look like chocolate sprinkles. Rat feces on the other hand are larger in size and have pointed tips and each end. When rodents are present in big numbers, they can be heard behind walls as well. They dig burrows and pass through a tunnel system. These sounds can be heard at different times of the day.


Ants, how insignificant they may seem, are actually a big problem when they find ways to enter your home. They can easily disturb the peace in your home by showing up at the most unexpected places at the most unexpected times. Apart from seeing physical signs, there isn’t anything else that can be done to discover them other than to go to the nest which only technicians are able to track down efficiently. Each ant species looks for something different. Whether it’d be oily, salty, sweet, or sour, all ants are in the house for food.


Cockroaches are repulsive creatures that have been an issue to everyone coming to cross them. Cockroaches are plentiful behind walls and hiding in cupboards and in their nests. Cockroaches’ infestations can be recognized by how many live cockroaches can be seen during the day. Cockroaches are nocturnal insects, so seeing them in broad daylight is a bad sign. Apart from seeing them everywhere, in very severe situations, they can be even smelled. A musty odour spreads throughout the home and hits your nose. If you see a few cockroaches during the day, it is time to call a professional pest control expert.


If you see any of these signs involving any pest, professional intervention is the best response to make sure these pests are dealt with accordingly. The professional pest control technicians have the experience, skills, certifications and license to handle potent formulations and eradicate them efficiently until not even a single trace is left behind. The professionals have been in the business for decades and can work under any circumstance no matter the severity. Call our customer representatives at Exterminator Peterborough and set up an appointment right now!