Can fleas live on humans

Can Fleas Live On Humans?

Fleas cannot live on humans, but they can sure bite. Fleas are usually present on warm-blooded animals that have fur or feathers. The most common household pets for this reason can get easily infested with fleas. Cats and dogs may display different types of behaviour when they are infested with fleas. They can act more restless, demotivated, and seem a bit sadder.  The reason why these animals are more common is that these fleas can hide easier. The fur acts as a bunker.

If you notice your animals acting unusual, contact the flea control specialist from Exterminator Peterborough

It’s safe and warm and this is why fleas flock to cats and dogs for their blood meals. A human cannot guarantee the same protection because the human does not have the hair and the volume to do so. If it would, it would be detected within a few hours. What fleas can do is bite, and they usually do it at the lower portion of the body such as the ankles, feet, and legs. This occurs when a flea jumps from an infested pet to a human.

A flea bite does not result in much pain other than an itchy sensation, but when the bites have been going on longer, people may develop symptoms of a hypersensitive skin. Fleas are pretty harmless when it comes to humans, but when it comes to animals they might develop into full-blown infections if the condition aggregates.


Believe it or not, but the old trusty vacuum help a great deal with keeping your floors clean and keeping fleas away! Fleas hide in cracks and crevices. By vacuuming regularly, you will suck out the adult fleas and flea eggs from the floor, the carpet, and other surfaces they regularly hide in. It’s a double that kills two birds with one stone. It gets rid of fleas and keeps your floor clean!

Clean Your Pets’ Bedding and Yours!

We all have pets that use our bed as theirs. Sometimes people just can’t get around it and they just spend the entire night. You wouldn’t know if your pets are infested so you wouldn’t know if your bed is a nest now. As a precaution, run your bedding through the hottest temperature possible. Fleas can’t withstand high temperatures and will kill them. Make sure to put your pets’ bedding also in the washing machine. Preferably these are all done at a laundromat since the risk of reinfestation can be big.

Flea Control Service

If you have fleas and notice fleas jumping around then you would want to get rid of them as soon as possible since it can lead to very agitated pets that would be constantly bombarded with bites. Dogs and cats that get fleas can be prone to open wounds which would lead to infections. To avoid a scenario like this it is highly recommended to hire a professional flea control expert that knows where to find them and knows how to get rid of them immediately so that this issue would not be able to reoccur. Our technicians are insured and licensed pest control experts that have multiple years of experience. To book an appointment call xxx-xxxx-xxx