Flea Infestation Treatment?

Fleas are just more than a nuisance in that they can alter your pet’s life and can cause infections. Fleas love to nest in thick fur and will continue nesting in that fur for an extended time. This can cause dogs and cats to pull out their own fur and even repeated biting on the same spot which can cause open wounds and in turn, as mentioned, cause an infection when it is touched too much, Fleas are such an issue that it can alter the behaviour of our pets and make pets feel restless.

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Fleas can lay as many as 20 eggs in one batch. The longer this situation goes on, the worse it gets for the pet. Flea extermination can be a very time-consuming process and a very arduous infestation to control so it is more than advisable that you have experienced pest control professionals. Professionals have commercial-grade insecticides in different forms to combat the presence in different places where these insecticides would be highly effective. These are the professionals at Exterminator Peterborough take to eliminate flea presence.


Preparation is key and that is why we send all our customers a detailed preparation sheet ahead of the treatment to help them understand what we expect from them to make the inspection and extermination process as seamless as possible. We expect that living spaces and bedrooms are decluttered, countertops and cabinets as well for the bathroom as well as for the kitchen.


As soon as the technicians arrive on-site, the interior inspection can begin. The pest control specialists aim to find and determine hotspots and areas of high activity. This is important for a targeted approach that yields results guaranteed and quickly. Common hotspots for Fleas are in the kitchen, closets, and food pantries. Once the areas have been identified, the property owner will be informed, and the technician will be readied for extermination.


The technician will use different types of commercial-grade pesticides that are low in mammalian toxicity to combat fleas. Technicians will use pesticides based on the space and the objective. Dust are used for electrical outlets and wall voids, liquids are used for spot treatments, and aerosols for cracks and crevices. We ensure to flush out fleas wherever they hide.


Extermination will not be the final solution, but continuous dedication to upkeep and cleaning will keep the issue away. Make sure to catch on to strange behaviour in your pest displays and wash your pet’s bedding regularly as well to make sure that fleas will perish. Prevention is key for long-lasting results

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