What Gets Flies in the House

Cluster flies are a true nuisance to your home and many other homes around Canada. The interesting thing about cluster flies is that they are not harmful at all, but as earlier mentioned just annoying to have around. Cluster flies are known by several names such as attic flies and this is because of their habit to take residence in the attic where they just fly around and cluster around the window. Cluster flies are in particular attracted to warmth and sunlight and this is why you will see them near windows.

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So why are these flies in your house? The reason why they end up in your house is that they are in search of a place to overwinter at. Cluster flies are active in the early spring and start coming into your house in the early spring to late fall just in time for the arrival of the colder months. Most cluster flies will make sure that they are inside several spaces. Some cluster flies enter the attic while other cluster flies are in the living room sluggishly seeming to fight for the attention of the window.

Cluster flies will get inside the house through several ways around the house and we call them entry points. These can be gaps, holes, or crevices around door and window frames. This is why it is very important to check the sealing on each of these places. The best solution is to apply caulk or reinstall new strips to seal these openings. Most people will not notice one fly and see it as just another pesky bug. When there are multiple, you are speaking of an infestation. You will also spot dead flies the longer they stay.

The life of the cluster fly will start as an egg. The cluster fly mother will drop the egg in the soil. The larvae will go up to an earthworm and will consume the worm for approximately 22 days. When the cluster fly reaches adulthood, it will go to other buildings. The life of a cluster fly is kind of short. It can range from 27 days to roughly 37 days at the most. The cycle will continue from here on. The interesting thing is that cluster flies do not breed inside the house. They will do this outside which is a positive.

The best way to get rid of cluster flies in the house is to hire a professional fully licensed and insured exterminator that has all the right tools and the right pesticides to make sure the cluster fly presence dwindles. Residual effects from these pesticides will make sure that cluster flies will perish continually until the fly presence will extinguish. For more information. Call 705-535-0854