Effective Ways to Get Rid of Flies in Garage?

You might see an unusual amount of flies in your garage and you are wondering where these buggers are coming from. Flies happen to love the garage for the environment it offers. The garage is warm, safe, and often full of clutter which gives the fly favourable conditions to reproduce. Their short life span also makes it very likely that you see so many flies at the same time because that also may mean that they are reproducing and populating the garage at an amazingly fast pace. Most flies have a life span of about shy of a month. There are multiple factors of course that contribute to the reproduction of these flies and the most surprising one may be what there might be hiding in plain sight, clutter.

It is well known that clutter plays a big role in how successful flies can be so the best way to get rid of flies first is to get rid of the clutter in the garage. You might also find spillage underneath the clutter depending on how bad it is that need to be cleaned up as soon as possible and this might also help the avoidance of other animals and other rodents including mice and rats.

Make sure that there aren’t any leftovers or that there aren’t any other things that might attract the flies in any way since flies can be very simple creatures that might even be attracted to even light fixtures, Flies will take advantage of everything that is offered within the garage and so may stay longer when the situation is ideal for them to stay.

There are some ways to get rid of flies depending on how big the infestation is and so you will need to be proactive in that regard. You might even see some dead flies around if they’ve been living there long enough!

The first solution would be a classical solution and frankly the cheapest option out of them all.

Fly Swatter

If you have a fly swatter handy, the best option might be to swat flies wherever you see them. This might be effective or not depending on the severity of the infestation. If they happen to be big in number, then you might have to resort to another option.

Electrical Fly Trap

If the manual process does not work, you may have to resort to the electrical option. Electrical fly traps wil help in the regard that the annual aspect will be removed. Again, this might be effective or not effective depending on how many flies there are in the garage.

Bottle trap

This method can be very effective when it comes to making sure that these flies stay away from the attic or your main areas so it and cannot form a nuisance anymore. What you want to do is cut the top part and invert t so it creates a siphon. What you want to do is line the interior with something sticky and sweet like honey. The actual bottle can be filled with something sweet. Some people use camera roll containers or a medicine container if you have some spare. Fill those with something sweet instead.

You want to punch a hole big enough for one fly. The result will surprise you and fascinate you at the same time for how effective the trap can be. But just like anything, it has its limitations. If you would like to have an effective and guaranteed solution, the best way is to hire a licensed and insured pest control technician. Call and contact us at Exterminator Peterborough at 705-535-0854.