How to Get Rid of Cluster Flies in My House

How to Get Rid of Cluster Flies in My House

Cluster flies are irritating pests. They seem to appear out of nowhere and make our living spaces unpleasant. These are common little bugs that are attracted to the warmth of our homes and the sunlight that pours in. Thankfully, they can be removed and prevented with some simple maintenance. If you suspect a cluster fly problem on your property, give us a call and a technician will come to inspect. We provide solutions to all flies and pests throughout the Peterborough area.

Cluster flies are larger than your average house fly and tend to invade homes in the fall, when temperatures drop. They get into the house by crawling through small openings on the exterior, such as a broken bug screen or crack in the siding. In the winter, cluster flies hibernate in attics and wall voids but may emerge indoors during periods of sunny weather. They are attracted to sunlight and warmth, so they are usually found buzzing around windows. Cluster flies are not aggressive, but they do leave dark spots of excrement and risk attracting more pests. They may also cause an odd smell.

Get rid of cluster flies by addressing the causes of the infestation, first. Look for cracks and openings on the exterior of the home and seal them. Check your window frames, door frames, utility lines, and vinyl siding. Inside, check your window screens and baseboards. You can use a silicone caulking or expanding foam to seal these openings. Then, put your pantry foods away in sealed containers. Cluster flies feed on sweet foods and garbage. Clean up the house and be sure to vacuum on a regular basis. Mop the floors and avoid leaving any food out on tables and counters.

Once you have sealed openings and tidied things up, set traps. Fill the bottoms of a jar or two with sweetened water, then cover the jars with perforate lids or plastic wrap. Make sure that the holes are large enough for the flies to enter. Place these traps on windowsills and areas of cluster fly activity. The flies will crawl into the traps and be unable to get out. Change the water every day. You can also use sticky strips or other traps from your local hardware store. For a more direct approach, swat the flies or spray them with a pesticide. Some pesticides have residual effects and can be applied throughout infested areas.

Cluster flies are bothersome, but they can be removed with a little effort. If you find that you are dealing with cluster flies every year, reach out to a professional for help. Licensed pest removers have access to high quality pesticides that work better than homemade traps and store-bought products. They also have the tools to reach deep in their hibernation spots. The training and experience that professionals have are invaluable. Call Exterminator Peterborough for quick and reliable cluster fly solutions.