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Health Problems Fleas Cause In Dogs or Cats

Fleas are parasitic insects that live in the fur of pets, most commonly dogs and cats. There are several health issues related to cats and dogs but before we get to the issue we need to know what fleas actually are. As mentioned before fleas are parasitic insects which entails that they live off the host, and these hosts often being living animals, and in very rare instances are present on humans as well.  These fleas also breed and nest in the fur which can cause a lot of discomfort to the animal the longer time passes. So what are the health problems caused by fleas exactly? Continue reading and we will find out.

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Dermatitis as the name alludes has to do with the skin. It may seem a bit straightforward since fleas are known for this, but dermatitis is a condition that is characterized by extreme itchiness of the skin. This skin disease occurs in both cats and dogs and is classed as an eczematous disease that can even cause lesions. This is especially visible in dogs where they can experience raw and irritated skin that can result in bleeding all over. Hair can have brown discoloration due to licking the affected areas. In cats, this can manifest differently, but they will also have random scabs on the body and also bleeding on the skin. Cats and dogs will experience hair loss where the fleas have been biting and you will see patches of hair missing on the fur as well

Flea Anemia

This is a very serious condition that means that your pets have lost too much blood and that it cannot function properly. This is especially prevalent in very young and older animals who are at a higher risk of dying from this condition. As time passes the animals, dogs or cats, will get weaker and increasingly fatigued. The pet may start to throw up and you might see signs of this visually such as whiter gums, inside the lining that should be pink is white. Cats and dogs will go through a behavioural change and will be less alert. Fleas suck blood and a heavy infestation means a lot of blood loss. Take your pet to a veterinarian as soon as possible.

Flea Tapeworm

This happens when a dog or cat ingests a flea that has been infected with tapeworm larvae. Yes, even insects as small as a flea can have tapeworm fleas. Once ingested it can grow to a full-size adult. These larvae attach themselves to the intestine. Symptoms are weight loss and a dull fur coat. It will appear less shiny and more matted.

Professional Flea Control Intervention

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