How To Use Lemon Grass To Repel Mosquitoes

Lemon grass is a staple in many South Asian and South East Asian cuisines for its aromatic smell, but did you know this herb can also be effective against mosquitoes? Yap, it turns out that mosquitoes are not really attracted to the lemony smell that so many of us actually do love, and this is with really good reason. Some research simply suggests that mosquitoes just do not like the smell of lemon grass which makes them stay away for a long time. So how exactly do you use lemon grass and what are the other herbs that you can use other than lemon grass?

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It turns out that there are very specific parts of the lemongrass that are very effective and that there are other parts if the lemon grass that is not very useful and that there are other parts that are quite successful, so which are they? Well, let’s look at what they are. The part that is actually useful is the top part of the lemongrass, but there goes without saying that it is not effective.

The simplest way to use this plan is to simply crush it up and use it directly in whatever area they need to be applied. A more effective way is to crush them up and mix them with water and make a spray out of them. The way to go about this is to boil the lemon grass until you see some yellow discoloration. A bonus is that it will smell really nice as well. It will smell lemony!

After it is finished boiling you can transfer the juices into a bottle spray which you can cheaply purchase from a dollar store and spray around!

The reason why you have mosquitoes is that there are probably mosquitoes breeding and reproducing. Every mosquito has a particular taste so it may happen that your blood may taste very good. The ones that actually suck the blood are actually females. They are known to transfer several diseases including malaria, and zika disease, so it is essential to control the growth and spread of mosquitoes.

So what other methods can be used?

The natural method way of repelling them or the chemical method of repelling mosquitoes. If you go the natural route, mint seems to do the trick here. Mosquitoes have an aversion to the smell that can keep them at bay. Natural oils such as lavender oil can keep mosquitoes at a distance as well. Some people swear by using lemon and cloves to keep them away if you are willing to sacrifice your spice rack for it. As with many natural solutions, efficiency depends on several factors such as application, placement, and consistency. It is why natural methods end up disappointing most people.

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