What To Do When You Have a Flea Infestation

What To Do When You Have a Flea Infestation?

Fleas are parasitic insects that thrive on blood which is also called a blood meal. People can also wake up to bites from random fleas and might even mistake them for mosquito bites. Things will turn out worse when this happens frequently. So what happens and what to do with a flea infestation? Fleas infestations are hard to control by oneself, and need professional intervention such as Exterminator Peterborough in order to get rid of them completely, so what are the steps to undertake when you suspect fleas in your home?

  1. The first thing to do to make sure that you do not have fleas is to inspect your home. You can find fecal matter called flea leaves or actual life fleas going round. Normally fleas are very hard to spot under normal circumstances so you might even need a flashlight and a magnifying glass if you want to make sure that all your bases are covered. The most common places for fleas to be in your home are upholstering, bedding, and other places such as your pet’s bedding!
  2. The next logical place you want to look at is the actual pet. The best way to do this is by using soapy water and a comb. The best type of comb is the one with plastic teeth and the ones that are very closely spaced. What you need to do is simple; carefully comb through the pet’s fur and deposit the findings in a bowl. You might be able to work out whether that is dirt or not based on the color changes. The next thing that you want to check is if the pet changes behavior. If the pet has lost patches of hair and scratches his fur frequently then definitely something out of the ordinary is going on.
  3. When you determined the cause of a flea infestation you might want to go to a specialist and purchase special soap to tackle the fleas. If there are any bruises or open wounds, it is advisable to go to the veterinarian for further advice as the open wound can develop into a real infection.

If you are sure of the cause the next step is to hire a pest control technician such as from  Exterminator Peterborough. We are professionals in eradicating and preventing common household pests such as fleas successfully. All of our technicians are licensed and certified in providing high-quality pest removal services at a very affordable cost. Our technicians have been in the field for more than a decade and will go above and beyond to make sure all the pests are gone and stay gone with our comprehensive exclusion services.

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