Cluster Fly Natural Remedies?

Cluster flies are pesky flies that are known to cluster around windows and other sources of light. These flies are also known as attic flies since they are more seen in the homes and other buildings. Cluster flies might be an annoyance and that is why they really are opposed to other insects that can cause diseases. This pesky bugger won’t and can’t, besides being very annoying.

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The adult cluster fly is slightly larger than the homestay home fly that we are all used to seeing and swatting… They have a grey appearance and are accompanied by black markings which can make the fly look kind of silver with a shine. These flies are called nuisance pests since they do not damage the house or cause any health-related issues. They might only leave black spots around the window, and you might see some dead flies here and there.

They often come in the winter to stay in the winter. You might be wondering what solutions there can be apart from killing cluster flies since there can be so many to swat. Since there are so many flies that can be cooped up in the attic as well. Since most of us won’t be on watch in the attic, there are some cluster fly remedies that people can try out and see if it works.

Bottle trap

These traps happen to be very effective and not so hard to make. All you need is vinegar and something sweet to trap them in preferably honey. What you need to do next:

  • Cut the top part off and inverse the top part and put it into the bottom part. It will now look like a siphon.
  • In the bottom part put honey. This will work as the trap itself and top it off with vinegar. Others have used dish soap as a trap. Once the fly enters the trap, it cannot escape.
  • Placement is very important. The place where flies will hang out is the attic space. Make sure to place it near a window sill or near the window to get the optimum result.

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Sticky fly traps

These sticky traps do wonder and actually put into perspective how severe the fly infestation might be since the results are there for everyone to see. If you have fly strips, these cluster flies might fly into these and will get stuck forever and will die on these strips. They are effective but will need to replacement every now and then.

Cleaning up clutter and debris

Cleaning up clutter will definitely help in this regard since cluster flies will thrive in these areas. Cluster flies will also seek an opportunity to breed in these areas of the infestation is severe enough since they are known not to produce usually. Cleaning up any spills from the trashcan will also help immensely since that is what they are also attracted to.


Getting a hand vacuum for this may seem extra but if you happen to have one handy then that would be very beneficial since you can suck up the population that is clustering and gathering around windows. It will not decrease the actual population by a lot but will certainly help contain the issue better than just randomly swatting these flies.

Professional Help

Self-help solutions can only do so much, and this is why people need qualified and experienced professionals like the technicians from Exterminator Peterborough to get rid of cluster fly infestations.