how to avoid mice in your house

How to Avoid Mice in Your House

Information on how to avoid mice in your house has to be the number one question on people’s minds. Mice are arguably the most dreaded pest in any type of household no matter where you go and this has not changed well over the thousands of years that we have been living together reluctantly.

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Mice will come inside of your house or commercial building through what we call entry points, and it is through these entry points that the mayhem starts and continues to grow due to their breeding habits. Mice are on average sexually active at just a few weeks and can have multiple generations of mice living under the same roof.

Mice are mostly after warmth, shelter, and food. Once these 3 criteria are met, mice will move in for the long term and will find their way into isolated spaces where they can thrive and grow their population while having access to what, according to them, must be an inexhaustible food source.

What kind of mice get in your house?

The most common species of mouse that often find itself in residential properties is the famed House Mouse. This mouse can be recognized by its beady eyes, short snout, rounded ears, and small body. House Mice are very curious yet very reclusive animals.

They will in most cases hide and breed behind walls and other spaces that provide protection and warmth. This can lead to bad consequences such as a dead mouse stench. The house mouse does not exclusively live in homes as the name might suggest, but they can also live in sheds, barns, hotels, farmhouses, and anywhere where the mouse feels that its life can be adequately safeguarded.

How do you recognize mice in your house?

The presence of mice can be recognized by paying attention to a few things and these can include the following but are not limited to these things only.


It can be estimated that mice leave droppings about 50 times a day. Of course, there is not exact science for this considering that each mouse has their own unique metabolic functions. Yet, mice will poop wherever they can and feel like and as a result, you will notice that mouse droppings correlate with their presence. If there is mouse poop, there will be mice. Mouse droppings can be recognized by their dark black to brown colour, rounded edges, and very small size. As a rule of thumb, if it is the size of a grain of rice, it is mice!

Live Mice

This might be the most obvious sign, but it is a sign that is not taken very seriously most often. People who encounter mice think that it is about one mouse they keep seeing over and over. In reality, they might be seeing the tip of the iceberg. A whole network and colony might well be hidden from plain sight. Professional exterminators will treat the actual source instead of simply setting traps and hoping.

Gnaw Marks

Mice are feisty gnawers and will gnaw on everything that they can find! Most of these things involve materials that are soft enough not to hurt or break their incisors and hard enough to file down their teeth. The reason for this is that their teeth grow at a constant rate of 0.3 millimetres a day.

Professional and qualified Mouse Control Specialists to Get Mice out of Your House

Now that you know how mice get in the house and what they are looking for, you will need to get them out permanently. The most affordable and effective way to do that is to hire fully licensed and insured mouse exterminators who have the knowledge and experience to get them out by using commercial-grade rodenticides. Need the details? Call Exterminator Peterborough now at 705-535-0854