How To Kill Cluster Flies in The House

Cluster flies are often confused with other flies and they are large and black and have a habit of going inside properties. Cluster flies are also known as attic flies at they often cluster around the attic, especially around the window. Cluster flies or attic flies are usually seen in the spring or summer and they do they because they like to find a spot to overwinter in. The flies are known to be very bothersome because they show in large numbers. And they for several weeks to a few months. These flies do not harm people and have a liking for earthworms.

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These flies will start to enter properties as soon as fall arrives. The reason for this is because the temperature drops and this is why these flies look for warm spots to overwinter in.  These flies, like all the other insects, will make use of openings and crevices near windows and doors. This is why it is recommended to install screens or door stoppers to prevent them from coming in.

When cluster flies invade a property, at least a few generations will live in the space. They have a tendency to live in the most isolated parts of the house. The cluster flies are born in a very fascinating manner. The cluster flies, the adults that lay their eggs in the soil cracks near where earthworms are. Once these eggs hatch after 2-3 days they will eat from the earthworms by penetrating them. The initial larvae stage can last about 3 weeks and the pupae stage can last about 2 weeks max.

So the question remains. How do you kill cluster flies?


Make sure that you clean all the surfaces. The reason for this is that cluster flies are attracted to fruits and decaying meat.

You can also make a DIY fly trap by cutting the top half of the bottle and reversing it creating a sort of siphon. What you want to do is create the actual bait that the flies are attracted to. This can be any sweet liquid or fruit since they are attracted to the fruit. Once these flies enter the trap, they will not be able to go outside.

Another great method is to buy a fly trap. This might have to be replaced every few weeks but it is well worth the investment if you do not want to be proactive to create a trap on your own.

Vacuuming flies seems a bit unorthodox, but if you have one of those trusty vacuums then you can suck them up just like that.

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