what does a cockroach egg sack look like

What Does a Cockroach Egg Sack Look Like

Cockroaches are a severe infestation that can cause serious health hazards. Leaving food out overnight and then eating it will make you very sick with the chance of botulism. There are domestic ways of treating cockroaches that may work on small infestations but most of the time your infestation will not be small but very large. The reason for this is that cockroaches are good at hiding and it is hard to tell when you first have the infestation. Often it will take months to realize and the rate they reproduce will already have formed a large infestation that domestic treatment cannot deal with.

Cockroach life cycle

There are many different species of cockroach in North America, some were always here and some came only recently in the past couple hundred years on ships from Europe and Asia. The American cockroach is from South America and Mexico and is called La Cucaracha in Spanish and is made famous by the song and dance named after it. They are revered in that part of the world but are still an issue when infesting houses. The American cockroach is one of the largest in north America and has a lid span of one hundred and twenty days or more. They can produce up to five or six eggs at a time and are long-lived compared to most other species.

what does a cockroach egg sack look like
Cockroaches are a sever danger to human health. Like turtles cockroaches lay eggs and then abandon them. So baby cockroaches are not cared for and are left to survive on their own. This can seem strange as tiny cockroaches will be crawl in different areas than the adults.

Other Cockroaches

The brown-banded cockroach is similar in the number of eggs it lay and the age it can reach. The oriental cockroach came here from China, also on boats and is slightly smaller than the American and can have a few more eggs in their egg sack. They are just as prevalent but not native to this continent. The final common cockroach is the German cockroach. This cockroach is a serious danger as they can produce up to sixty eggs in one egg sack and live shorter lives so they lay eggs more frequently. All cockroaches can take one sperm dose from a male and hold it being able to access it many times through their life to lay multiple egg sacks. This makes their infestations far more dangerous and can allow them to infest houses and apartments in ways other insects cannot.

Commercial treatment

The proper name for a cockroach egg sack is an ootheca and they look like a small leather purse with no handles. They are smaller than a dime and are very hard to see or find but if you find one you know you have a serious infestation. Treating cockroaches generally requires professional treatment using a multi-chemical approach. Domestic treatments rarely work and can cause the infestation to worsen. When getting a cockroach treatment make sure you get a warranty as one treatment is never enough. The treatment of them is very important as they are very dangerous to human health and can harm people with health issues, especially those with respiratory issues like Asthma. Do not wait, call a professional as soon as you see just one. Don’t wait for more to appear, they are already there.