how do i know if I have a cockroach problem

How do I know if I have a cockroach problem?

How to know if you have a cockroach problem is quite an easy thing to see. If you have cockroaches in your house then you have a cockroach issue, but the issue is much deeper than that and what the eye meets.

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This is because cockroaches have the tendency to harbour deep inside the house and behind the walls where no one can reach them except the technicians with specialized equipment. Cockroaches are notorious to kill and this is because they have all the mechanisms in place to make sure they survive no matter their situation. For average homeowners, this can mean a lot of bad things mainly because cockroaches are known to disturb the peace of the home just by the mere sight of them.

There are a few clues that can help you decipher whether you have a cockroach issue or not and it comes down to observing the following signs.

Seeing a live cockroach

This might be a very straightforward sign, but many people brush this aside and either squash the bug or go on with their day after having the unpleasant encounter. A lot of people will underestimate the sighting of one cockroach as just a unique encounter and will not think anything of it until they see more and more popping up over the course of several days. You can also spot cockroach eggs as well.

Hearing sounds at night

Being the nocturnal insects that they are, cockroaches will venture out at night when people are asleep to go to their water and food sources. The usual spots are the kitchen and the bathroom and this is because cockroaches are attracted to places where there is a lot of moisture. If you hear something crunchy, from the kitchen it might be some type of activity like rodents or cockroaches.

Cockroach Poop

You might not even think about it or might not even see it, but if you see cockroach poop piling up or at random spots then you know that the issue is getting out of hand. Just like most pests, cockroaches do not watch where they poop. They do not have a designated spot and will poop as much as they eat. Over time, when the cockroach issue starts to get out of control and start developing a musty odour which people often describe as wet cardboard.

Baby Cockroaches or smaller cockroaches

The cockroach issue can take an unexpected turn when you notice a lot of smaller cockroaches. While these might not be all baby cockroaches, seeing smaller cockroaches should let some bells ring that something is seriously wrong. These smaller cockroaches can be often seen on the floor in the kitchen where people often leave leftovers or crumbs. These cockroaches are often seen hiding underneath electrical appliances such as under the fridge or scurrying away under cracks and crevices.

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