how long does it take a cockroach egg to hatch

How Long Does It Take a Cockroach Egg to Hatch

Cockroaches are one of the most dangerous infestations for your health. They are exceptionally hard to treat and are capable of condemning a house. They are frightening. You do not need to have a messy house for this infestation to happen and the multiple species of cockroaches can have varying dangers to them. Large or small they are something you need to get rid of quickly. In order to do this you must inspect your home regularly and act fast when you spot telling signs. The signs are hard to see due to the size of cockroaches but seeing a living cockroach crawling in your home is the most common sign of an infestation and also the most likely sign that they have been there for longer than you would expect. Dealing with this situation takes time and tact. If you leave it for too long you may end up paying the ultimate price.

Cockroach species

There are four major species of cockroach in North America. Each has its pros and cons. However, each can wreak havoc on your home and life. They simply do it in different ways. The main division is size. The American cockroach is the biggest of the cockroaches and like the brown-banded cockroach is native to this continent. They are both large and both can have life spans that reach ages of up to one hundred and twenty days. Because of their size, they can be the most horrifying to have. American cockroaches can grow to shocking sizes of over seven inches long and grow wings that allow them to flutter short distances. All cockroaches used to be able to fly and have striations on their backs showing the vestige of once having wings. Oriental cockroaches are defined by their colour and alien appearance making them harder to identify. Their being black often causes confusion with German cockroaches as they are black when they are young and then grow to a pale tan.

how long does it take a cockroach egg to hatch
German cockroaches can produce up to 60 babies in a single egg sack making them the most prolific of the cockroach species in North America. This makes them very difficult to treat and get rid of.

Cockroach life cycle

Cockroaches are born fully functioning and capable of moving around and surviving on their own. Cockroaches do not have familial tendencies and do not care for their young in any way. A cockroach egg cannot lie dormant for long and will die if the temperature is too cold so the cockroach female will choose a warm spot with an abundance of food like a kitchen cupboard. Most cockroach eggs will take two months to hatch. Some have longer incubation periods and some have shorter. The number of eggs in a sack varies by species. Large cockroaches like the American and Brown-banded are limited to five or six eggs, the Oriental cockroaches can have up to sixteen. The German cockroach which is the smallest and shorted lived can have up to sixty.

Cockroach treatment

Treating cockroaches is a difficult task. Even a commercial treatment may not be effective on the first go. It is important to distinguish between domestic and commercial treatments. A later cockroach with fewer eggs will respond to domestic treatments but a smaller one with more eggs may not. A commercial treatment will always be more effective and can get rid of them permanently. A domestic one may not. Call a professional in any case to ascertain the species and life cycle. Knowing what you are up against will help you get rid of them faster. Do not waste time, take action quickly and remember that the cost is directly connected to the success of riding your home of any infestation.