How to Rid your Home of Mice

How to Rid Your House of a Mouse Infestation

House mice are not native to Canada. They are interlopers, refugees from another place and time. They came here on ships from Europe, they are European house mice that developed over the thousands of years of living in Europe with humans. They then boarded the ships to America with the humans and sailed here. Now they infest our homes. The European house mouse can breed every three weeks as pregnancy lasts only two. The mice born can number up to six and mature sexually in only 6 weeks. This means they can breed so rapidly that one pregnant mouse can populate a house with mice in under two months. From one to hundreds. This is why you need to act fast when dealing with mice.

Snap traps are fine if you have caught the infestation very early. Sadly that rarely ever happens. When mice are new to a house they hide as much as possible. They only start showing up when their population has gotten large. This is why you suddenly start seeing mice, in quantity when you saw non before. Using poison works best but it is dangerous especially if you have pets and small children. That is why, when using poison to take out a large mouse infestation you will want to put the poison into tamper-proof bait stations that can be purchased usually at the same place you buy the bait. Hardware stores are great for having both. You can then lay them down where ever the activity is highest. The mice will eat the bait instead of your food because it tastes better for them. If they are not eating the poison you should switch it out and move the bait stations to other areas. Check the bait stations to see how much poison has been eaten and then refill as needed. don’t put too much or they will not trust the food. A couple of tablespoons will do well.

If you have done this, set up snap traps have tried every gizmo in the shop, then it’s time to call a professional. The number of mice in your home is now so much that while you are killing them they are breeding too fast for your domestic poison to kill them. You need something stronger. A commercial grade bait that can kill them faster with less poison consumed per animal so the bait stations last longer. This is what is offered by professional, licensed exterminators. Call us for mouse exterminations in Peterborough. Professional mouse control services.