How to Get Rid of Baby Ticks in the House

How to Get Rid of Baby Ticks in the House

Call The Exterminators in Peterborough for tick control that you can count on. Baby ticks are larvae, the larva will go through two more instar transformations before reaching adulthood. While going after the larva is important the ticks themselves are very dangerous. Remember that if a tick bites you, even in its nymph stage it can pass on lime disease which is incurable after 24 hours of infection. For this reason, dealing with ticks is a danger. Call the professionals at Exterminator Peterborough if you suspect a tick problem on your property.

Ticks and where they are found

Ticks are most commonly found in forests during the fall. They will live in leaf piles and wait for animals to pass. Ticks do not need to drink very much blood, like fleas they drink rarely in fear of being killed. Bed bugs will feed nightly because they are more difficult to kill, somewhat impossible if you are using domestic treatments. Like bed bugs, ticks are also sensitive to the UV radiation of sunlight so taking everything outside and leaving it in bright sunlight for the day may kill off the ticks.

Tick pest control Peterborough
Ticks are blood-feeding insects that can be found often in piles of leaves. they can feed on your while also injecting some of the blood it has already consumed into your body. it can pass on blood born illness as well as Lyme disease.

Tick life cycle

The tick life cycle has four stages starting with an egg. When the egg hatches an eight-legged larva comes out and finds a location to grow. At every stage of growth, the tick needs to drink blood. However, in their larval stage, they cannot pass on Lyme disease. Only the nymph and adult can do that. Adult ticks are large and can be easily found with a quick inspection of your body, preferably done by someone else so they can see hard-to-reach areas. It is an insect and looks like one. You can see from meters away. However, the nymph appears to be nothing more than a tiny black dot. So small you have to look at it closely to tell it’s not just a mole or sunspot.

Inspect for ticks

If you fail to inspect after walking through the woods, especially in the fall you may end up with a terrible disease. Ticks can also pick up pathogens from other animals and spread them to humans. The tick will drink blood for multiple days if not discovered and will mix some of its salivae with your blood. This is all a very dangerous situation where almost any illness can be passed on. The ticks will only drink one host at a time. In each stage, it will drink blood, then fall off the host and moult into a new stage. It will then lie in wait for a new host. This process can result in everyone in a house getting the same illnesses and if they reach nymph faze and drink from you then you may get Lyme Disease.

Treatment of ticks in your home

The only way to treat ticks in your home, if you are getting frequently bitten is with a commercial-grade treatment. Ticks are difficult to treat and require a strong pesticide spray that will likely call for a vacancy from your home. Do not try to treat them on your own as a mistake could make the situation worse and even make commercial treatment more difficult.