How to Prevent Flies in your Commercial Kitchen

How to Prevent Flies in your Commercial Kitchen

Exterminator Peterborough and we can treat the issue and guide you through preventing it permanently. Commercial kitchens are complex spaces filled with people crammed in close quarters. The work of a kitchen is food. Food that is often stored improperly with spills happening frequently and often with a staff that is too busy cooking to clean right away. Cleaning in a commercial kitchen occurs at the end of the day and while many restaurants don’t stop until it’s all clean some smaller restaurants are often forced to cut corners to stay open. This is the reason why most restaurants have a monthly service with a pest control company. The amount of food and its methods of storage, tight areas that are hard to clean. This can lead to build-ups of rotting food. And with rotting food comes one of the worst kitchen pests.

Flies and bacteria

Flies. Black flies, fruit flies drain flies, and what have you. These flies can land on food and deposit deadly bacteria that can make people sick. If you eat at a restaurant you should be aware there is a chance the kitchen has pests and those pests can deposit feces, saliva, and urine on your food. The owners do not want this either so they need to perform preventative measures and possibly call in a pest control company to deal with the current infestation while working to prevent the next one.

Flies of all kinds are covered in bacteria. they can get you sick just by landing on your food or inside your drinks. While domestic methods may hold them at bay only a commercial treatment can get rid of them permanently.

Treatment of flies

Pest treatments for flies are complex. Like cockroaches, flies cannot just be killed off with one type of poison. Their ability to fly makes surface poisons all but useless and while you can catch and kill them with sticky and electric traps the flies will not die fast enough not to bother your patrons and ruin the food. What needs to be done is not just laying out traps to catch the odd fly but resolving the causes which is likely a kitchen that could be cleaner. The kitchen must be cleaned from top to bottom and the walk-in fridge must be cleared out of all food and washed thoroughly. Once you find the cause, likely rotting food someone forgot to throw away, hidden behind something else, or possibly an open drain that is dirty and leaking, causing moisture to build up and creating a perfect atmosphere for drain flies.

Treatment of fruit flies

Fruit flies are the most problematic and difficult to deal with. They do not just eat rotting food, they eat fresh food as well and will deposit their eggs in that food or drink. One of the fruit flies favourite things to eat is alcoholic beverages. Beer and rum are especially powerful in their drawing power and once the infestation has started it becomes nearly impossible to stop without professional assistance.