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How Do You Get Rid Of Wasps Permanently

Wasps are a difficult thing to get rid of permanently. The life cycle of a wasp nest starts with a queen building a small pocket nest and laying eggs for workers. She feeds the workers with decapitated insects and then raises them. They begin to take care of the queen’s eggs themselves and increase the size of the nest. This continues until the late fall when the temperature starts to go down. She stops producing workers, which are all sterile females and allows them to venture off on their own to find sweet foods which is why in the later wasp season the workers will bother you when you are eating.

Wasp life cycle

The queen will then produce a number of serialized males and females. They are not sterile and will mate with the males who will then die. The females will then leave the nest and find a place to hibernate for the winter, usually under tree bark. They will be pregnant with eggs and when spring comes along they will build their own nests and start the process again. This will often result in multiple new nests on your property. This is how wasps create more nests and is a common occurrence when a wasp nest is not treated properly or at all. This can be averted by killing the wasp nest earlier in the summer before the new queens are born.

Wasps and new or old nests

Falling to do so can result in many more wasp nests on your property and more stings for you and your family. Killing a wasp nest on a tree or out in the open that is not too high up is something you can do yourself. Just be aware that wasps can identify human faces. So if you fail to kill the nest the wasps will not just attack you right away, they will attack you every time you come outside. They will chase you, avoid other people and obstacles and even wait for you above water. Wasps are very dangerous and can kill a human, often not from the stings but from the heart attack, the repeated stings can cause. For this reason, it’s important to hire a professional.

How Do You Get Rid Of Wasps Permanently
Wasps are a very serious danger to people and animals. if a swarm stings you it can cause a heart attack that could kill a person. Animals are more resistant but no one wants to see their favourite pet covered in wasps stings. The sting contains a venom that can cause nerve damage so call a professional to deal with wasps, don’t try to treat it yourself, it can be very dangerous.

Treatment of wasps

Professional exterminators will have a bee suit on that will protect them from stings and use a powerful commercial-grade pesticide that will freeze the wasps in place, killing them instantly. If you have a wasp nest inside of a vent or inside of a hole the in the mortar of bricks, in the attic, or in other inaccessible areas then a professional exterminator is necessary. They have a device called a wand that is the size of a wasp and can be inserted deeply into small holes wasps can enter through. This allows them to treat the wasp nest thoroughly even if it’s inside a wall.

Wasp nest in the walls

This is important because a wasp nest in the walls of the house can survive through the winter from the residual heat that the house produces. This means if you don’t have it professionally treated that the nest could become multi-generational and continue growing to a point where your entire property will be engulfed. Getting the nest treated right away, could mean the difference between life and death.