How to Clean a Couch After Mice

Mice can be active everywhere and including in the living spaces where there are couches with upholstery. Mice can find themselves in the strangest of places and this can even include the couch.

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The first thing that you must understand about finding mice urine or droppings is that it is directly correlated to an active mouse infestation which means that if you find mouse urine or droppings that there are mice present in your building or property right at the moment. Luckily mouse droppings and urine are not that hard to get rid of and it is more dependent on the speed at which you discover the mouse mess.

The first thing that you have to keep in mind is that mice urine and droppings are surprisingly quite toxic. Yes, mice, the cute little creature we all so love and admire from a distance, but hate when it enters our properties. Mice can have a whopping total of more than 35 diseases at any given time. Not so cute eh? This can include the hantavirus. Hantavirus can be contracted when there is a contract between you and the mouse’s urine, droppings, or saliva. This can affect the pulmonary functions of the body and can be even fatal in most cases when the issue is not treated at hand.

So how do you clean a couch after mice have visited the area?

The best advice that can be given when wanting to clean up after mice have left their droppings and urine is to make sure to disinfect the affected areas with a hydrochloride solution which is just a fancy word for a water-bleach solution. The solution that you want consists of 10 parts water and one part bleach. Before applying this to the couch, make sure to wear gloves made of rubber, latex, or vinyl.  To start, make sure to dampen these mouse feces that can be recognized by their black-brown colour and that have the shape of grains of rice.

After dampening these feces for a couple of hours, you can remove these feces with a damp paper towel. After this, you want to put these paper towels and the feces in a sturdy plastic bag and discard them right away. After that, you will need to scrub away the areas with a brush that has bristles and soap. After that is done, you can let it dry out by itself. In most cases, people will not take the effort to clean it and dispose the couch on the streets. This is another reason why thrown-away furniture should not be picked up!

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