How to Know if you Have Mice in Your House

There are several ways to know whether you have mice in your house. The way to know is to recognize signs of mouse presence even if you can’t see them inside the house. Mice are very shrewd rodents that will make sure that nobody spots them.

If you think you have mice in your residential property, please do not hesitate to contact the fully licensed and insured mouse exterminators from Exterminator Peterborough.

Their habitat is mostly in secluded spaces and this is where most people do not have access. Professionals can determine mouse presence by conducting a detailed interior inspection and pinpointing where mice are and eliminating them with professional-grade equipment and rodenticides.

So how do you know if you have mice? Pay attention to the following signs

Scattered Mouse Droppings

If you notice black pellets here and there and they are the size of rice grains, then you can safely determine that these are in fact mouse droppings.

Mice will poop and leave droppings anywhere wherever they are without the need for a designated spot to leave their feces. If you notice these feces in the kitchen, then it’s time to take immediate action. If you have children and pests, the matter is much more pressing when they can accidentally ingest these droppings and make them sick.

Gnaw Marks In Your House

If you see gnaw marks or some type of indentation around the house, then that must be the work of a rodent.

You see rodents like mice and rats have this natural urge to keep chewing and gnawing on various objects around the house.

Soft metals like copper are their absolute favourite and they will seek this out by gnawing on electrical wiring and cables which is a separate issue on its own. It can cause a fuse, house fires, and fried and burnt mice which releases an awful stench that can travel all throughout the house.

Random Scattered Materials 

Mice, believe it or not, are quite the nifty crafts…rodents. They will find random materials that are found in the house and use it as insulation. Materials that you might find in a mouse’s nest are paper, cardboard, Styrofoam, and much that mice can use to make their nest a warm and comfy place!

So what do you know that there are mice in your house? There are two routes you can take. The first one is the DIY route which is arguably the most time-consuming and most expensive option. This is because most of these over-the-counter solutions do not offer much of a defence against the sheer volume of mice that can be and will be in the house.

The second option is affordable and gets people guaranteed results because they are done by professionals who do this for a living.

These are licensed and insured professionals that will get right to the source and eliminate mice so that an infestation can’t happen again. In addition to that, technicians will seal the property completely against any unwanted future intruders. Curious about our services? Call Exterminator Peterborough at 705-535-0854