How Do Mice Get into Apartments?

A lot of people do not realize that mice are very skilled in making sure they get inside your apartment. People mostly underestimate the capabilities of others because they do not know what they can and do not do. Most mice will climb up behind walls by using their amazing climbing skills and by using their sharp claws and will to strive to get to a safe place that is welcoming and warm.

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Mice will enter apartments in the hopes of getting access to a lot of food. These amounts of food are now found in the majority of houses which can also explain why people come across more infestations than ever.

So what are the ways that mice can get into your apartment? There are a lot of ways, but let’s look at a few to make you aware of how the mouse will exploit certain spaces or places to get inside your apartment.


No matter how high you are, trees will still give a lot of mice the option to get inside your apartment. They can climb branches that somehow will give way to the inside of your apartment. This might be more improbable the higher you live, but do not forget that mice do not only rely on trees. Mice rely on many routes to get inside.

Utility Line Gaps

You might be reading this and thinking to yourself how mice are able to get inside using utility line gaps. Well, all apartments need electricity and these are brought inside the apartment using heavy-duty wires. Since these wires are connected to the apartment, they will have to pass a gap to get inside.

These gaps are what the mouse uses to slip inside. Yes, the mouse can flatten itself to absolute centimetres if it has to. From there on, the mouse can find its way up until it finds a suitable place to rest and take up permanent residence.

Entry Points

Mice will get inside the apartment through entry points. If you are wondering how these mice got into the apartment, then look no further than entry points. Essentially entry points are, are points that consist of holes, crevices, and gaps that give access to the actual interior of your apartment.

These entry points can form over time because of the deterioration of certain materials and wear. Once the mouse finds these entry points, it can squeeze through these gaps and find itself in your house. The matter is made even worse when the mouse is pregnant. These mice often find themselves in wall voids where mice live and die. 

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