how to get mice out of car

How To Get Mice Out of Car

If you have mice nesting in your car they can do an enormous amount of damage. Chewing on wires and dedicating in the car and the engine. A car is very open to access for them. They can travel through the car easily and will often sleep on the radiator as it produces heat for many hours after the car has been turned off. What this demonstrates is not that your car is infested with mice but that your property is. While the car itself cannot be treated due to the technology inside the car and bait stations cannot be placed inside it as that would attract more mice into the car. What is pest is to treat the property itself and get rid of the exterior mouse infestation in the long term. If your car is on the outside and not in a garage then it is very important to get the mice treated as quickly as possible. 

Why do mice sleep and nest in cars

European house mice are not native to this continent and cannot handle the temperatures that Southern Canada can reach in the winter. This makes it likely for them to die so they must find a place that is warm. This often means getting into a house and living in the walls where there is plenty of insulation to nest in. They have also found that cars can stay warm all night long so they will often infest those instead. Either way they will be able to cause massive damage. In a house they can chew wires and cause a fire in the walls or attic of the house. In a car they can destroy the electrical equipment that makes the car work and start. 

how to get mice out of car
Mice are a serious problem as their feces can cause respiratory illnesses. They often go into places during the winter when it gets cold so they can be warm. This also result in them going into cars.

Mice life cycle

Mice can breed very quickly. They can go from insemination to birth in just three to four weeks. They can give birth to up to ten babies in a single litter and those babies become adults in just two weeks. They will then be able to mate themselves resulting in an exponential growth in the population. The mice that will infest your car are likely European house mice but can also be wild mice native to North America like deer mice or field mice. Either way, treating them will resolve the issue of their infestation in your car and will save you thousands of dollars in endless repairs. 

Mice treatment 

Mice can be treated on the exterior using tamperproof bait stations containing commercial grade rodenticide. The poison is a chemical that makes the mice feel sick. They either return to their nests wherever they may be, which can also be in your car and go to sleep and do not wake up. This means you may want to have your car thoroughly cleaned and even disassembled to find any of the mice corpses that could be inside of it. However the damage will stop. The bait stations are placed in areas of high activity on the exterior of the property and will likely be placed close to the car itself.