Hornet Nest VS Wasp Nest

Hornet Nest VS Wasp Nest

There are stark differences between hornet nests and wasp nests. The wasp nest can take on many different forms and can be built from varying materials such as mud, dirt, and paper-like materials such as with the paper wasp. These nests can also take on different kinds of shapes very different from what many think of as a traditional nest. This is why it is difficult for DIYers to look for wasp nests and to identify them because the wasp nest is not always an obvious one to point out.

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Wasp nests are divided into either social wasp nests or solitary wasp nests. The social wasps such as the yellow jackets and paper wasps live in colonies reigned by a queen and have a nest similar to the honey bee. These nests follow a hierarchical structure with workers tasked to expand the colony.

The majority of solitary wasp species such as the yellow jacket who make their nest often in abandoned rat burrows. The hornet is also considered a wasp and they look similar to the yellow jackets only significantly larger. The hornet is considered a social wasp and constructs its nest from a paper-like material similar to the paper wasp which owes its name to the material it builds its nest from. Many hornets build their nests in cavities and shrubs. Hornets can sting their victims several times and are known to go on the attack in groups.

The main difference is that hornets tend to have larger colonies and those wasp colonies typically count around 100 wasps or less. Since wasps and hornets look quite similar the placement and size are good indicators to see which pest you are dealing with.

wasp nest in wall
                                                Wasp nests can even find themselves in walls and can even go inside?

In the spring a female hornet, the queen selects a place to find her colony a place to start a nest. She builds the larvae are hatched and it undergoes 5 stages. The first generation of the hornet cells is arranged in a vertical manner which we call combs. As she lays an egg in each colony the eggs begin the hatch a week later. When the nest is created the colony takes over the responsibilities of the queen.

Wasp nests are open and are usually suspended from solid objects or strutters such as soffits or tree branches. Hornets on the other hand tend to build nests on trees or shrubs and they are closed. It would not be weird to see them build on walls either.

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