What to do When You Find a Tick in the House

What to do When You Find a Tick in Your House

Ticks are vile pests. Unlike most other bugs, these ones feed solely on blood. They latch onto their victims and gorge themselves on blood. What’s even worse than their eating habits is their potential to carry disease. Some tick species that spread Lyme disease when they bite. Lyme disease is a particularly dangerous illness with symptoms including fever, fatigue, rash, facial palsy, nerve pain, and more. Call Exterminator Peterborough today if there are ticks on your property. We provide safe and effective tick control services in Peterborough.

Ticks are rarely found indoors, so you can assume that there aren’t plenty more inside. These pests do best outside, in moist, shady grasses. Homes are usually far too dry to keep them alive. However, you should exercise caution and inspect your home carefully. Check your closets and hampers for ticks as they might have been brought into the home by clinging to your clothing. Kill any ticks you find by dropping them in a cup of rubbing alcohol. If your home is particularly humid, like a cottage, use a tick spray from the hardware store and apply it liberally along baseboards, moldings, cabinets, and windowsills.

Once you have treated the interior, make some changes in the yard to keep ticks at bay. Move things away from the walls of the house so there is nowhere for a bug to hide. Cut the grass so it is short, and trim back your shrubs so there is space beneath them. Rake the leaves in the fall and keep the yard well groomed. Ticks like to hide in shrubs, woodpiles, leaf piles, weeds, and sheds, so keep these in mind when tidying up. Place some tick tubes in shady areas around the yard, twice a year, to get rid of ticks out of sight.

How Professionals Get Rid of Ticks

Ticks pose a serious threat to the health of your family. If your area is prone to getting ticks, consider hiring a professional for help. A technician will first inspect your property then treat the areas that are at risk. Professionals use high quality pest control products that work better than anything available in stores. They have access to insecticidal sprays that eliminate ticks both immediately and weeks later. Any tick that is exposed to the insecticide will perish. While harsher than a few tick tubes, professional sprays are extremely effective. This is a great solution for wooded and humid areas.

Call Exterminator Peterborough for tick control. Our technicians are thoroughly trained and experienced in getting rid of ticks. We can get rid of them quickly and keep them at bay for months to come. In addition to tick control, we offer pest exclusion services in which we seal and cover the openings on the sides of your home that could be letting in bugs. This keeps ticks, centipedes, ants, mice, and all kinds of other pests outside. Call us today for all your pest control needs. Our services are guaranteed and come with warranties of up to 2 years.