FACT OR HOAX vinegar to kill the cluster Flies?

In current times there are a lot of credible and incredible sources to get your information from. In the age of social media and fake news, it is often far more difficult to distinguish which things are true and which one are false. It is no different when it comes to self-help advice about cluster flies! Yes, even simple tips and tricks can help mislead people and since we are in the business of pest control, we will actually check if vinegar kills cluster flies or not. Before we get to the actual topic, it might be a bit handy to know what these flies are and why they’re so bad.

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What Are Cluster Flies?

Cluster flies are flies that are dark grey and have metallic stomachs, At a first glance they might look like the average house fly, but there is one big difference! Cluster flies are very slow flyers and may look a bit sluggish when they’re flying around. These flies are also known by different names such as attic flies. This is a very apt name since they invade attics with large numbers and have the habit to cluster around this space. Cluster flies do not breed and mate in the house it which makes cluster fleas quite manageable, but the number of cluster flies that can be in the attic can be very overwhelming.

So on to the question: Does vinegar kill cluster flies or not?

Yes, vinegar can be very effective against fleas. There are a few ways to make sure that fleas stay away. The reason why it’s so effective is that vinegar makes sure that any kind of dirt can be removed. You can buy apple cider and add that to the dish soap so that these cluster flies do not come near the dishes. Another way is to add that to a bottle and wrap the top with a cloth and poke holes. Place the bottle with near the window or a table and you will see that cluster flies will stay away.

The best way is to hire a professional to keep these flies away. Professionals can make sure the source of the infestation is found and can make sure that these flies stay away for good our professionals are licensed and insured exterminators that can ensure that these pests stay away for good. With the help of effective pesticides, we can make sure that these fleas have no place to escape. We have commercial-grade pesticides and pesticides in low mammalian toxicity that are safe for pets and humans to use around. Our technicians use a robust method of inspections and exterminations to make sure to get rid of the issue as soon as possible. Call us at 705-535-0854