How to get rid of wasp nest under deck

How to get rid of wasp nest under deck


Wasps are insects that are known to be active in the warmer days and start constructing the nest in shaded areas. In that span of time, the wasp nest will blow up to thousands of wasps in the nest. The most common wasp species that are seen as threatening to the human habitats are the Yellow Jackets, Bald Faced Hornets, Paper Wasps, Mud Daubers, and Carpenter Bees. Generally, wasps begin to construct wasp nest in trees and in bushes, overhangs, and even within the interior of the property. The deck here is not an exception and quite some nests have also been found under the deck because of the guarantee of safety it provides these wasps. If you see an increased number of wasps flying around the deck you might have a wasp infestation happening from underneath the desk.

If you see a wasp deck from underneath the deck, you might have to do some additional inspections to make sure that there aren’t any other nests around the property, When wasps become agitated, they can sting, but they will not sting alone, they will involve other wasps as well to make sure that the perceived threat is taken care of. People may have un unknown allergy to the toxins that are used by the wasp. It might be so severe that it might lead to hospitalization. If you are unsure, then a professional wasp control specialist must be notified of a nest. Removing wasps’ nests is a dangerous task that should be performed by equipped and knowledgeable professionals.

In case you would want to take action. You might don’t want to act at all. Most nests will weather by themselves by the time winter comes. The nest will slowly die out together with the worker wasps. The queen will evacuate the area and will overwinter until the next spring. The cycle will start again in the spring.

If you do want to combat the nest, you might want to apply pesticides yourself during the night when the temperature drops. When the temperature drops, the wasps are less active and less vigilant in that time. If you want to apply pesticides, apply it from a good distance since they might attack you after they got sprayed.

Another low-tech option is to break the nest apart with a broomstick and let the wasps out during the colder months. This is highly unrecommended, but it is an option if patience is not on your side.

The best option is always to hire licensed and insured professionals that have years of experience and are fully equipped with the right equipment and tools to ensure a safe wasp removal at all stages. Technicians conduct a detailed exterior inspection to find the nest and hotspots. After that they will apply the right pesticides to combat the wasp presence. If you need wasps removed, call us at 705-535-0854