Can You Vacuum Mouse Droppings?

No, mouse droppings should not be vacuumed under any circumstances with a normal consumer-grade vacuum cleaner. The reason for this is that particles from mouse droppings can become airborne and then enter the body through the eyes, mouth, or nose.

Mouse droppings are very toxic in nature and are very underestimated since they happen to come from a seemingly harmless mouse. In reality, mouse droppings should be handled with care; preferably with the help and supervision of a professional.

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Professionals have access to professional equipment where they can vacuum mouse droppings with a commercial-grade vacuum called the HEPA vacuum. Essentially what it is is that they are specially designed vacuums designed to capture tiny particles. In addition, professionals will fog the area. Fogging entails concentrated particles being dispersed into the space covering it wall to wall.

How do mice get inside your residential or commercial space?

Mice are very nifty rodents that will get inside of your house or business for various reasons and most of these reasons are pretty logical when you are a tiny rodent that is constantly under threat of every kind of predator large or small.

Mice will get inside to stay safe, to stay warm, and to stay warm and hydrated. These mice enter these places by exploiting certain entry points that are dotted around the perimeter of the building. These entry points are not obvious to the average property owner and are often overlooked. Professionals are aware of where and how these entry points are used and use this to their advantage to seal these vulnerabilities.

What are the entry points?

Gaps, holes, cracks, and foundation gaps are all entry points, but there are also points that are part of the building’s ventilation system. Even though these vents are essential, they give mice and rats a easy way in. if these are not properly covered against intruders.

Mice can also utilize their climbing skills to reach heights and get to higher floors. They do this by scaling trees and branches to find a way in through one of the entry points. Once inside, mice can do whatever they please without anybody really taking notice since the places they choose are absent of any human activity.

What to do against mouse droppings?

There is a common solution against mice droppings and that is going the hydrochloric route. It sounds scary, but it is just a fancy way of saying that it is a water-bleach solution.

10 parts water and one part bleach. Dampen the droppings with this solution and pick it up with a damp paper towel and discard it right away. Make sure to wear gloves. After that wash the surface again with the solution and with water and soap.

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If there are mouse droppings, call professional mouse control experts that are licensed and insured to handle the most severe mouse infestations possible. They also seal up the property completely to prevent future infestations. Call 705-535-0854