Can Cockroach Eggs Stick to Your Clothes?

Yes, cockroach eggs can stick to our clothes and other surfaces as well. Cockroach eggs can be recognized by their spherical shape and their somewhat translucent colours. Cockroach eggs come out of an egg pouch called the ootheca. These eggs are of course sticky as well.

If you notice cockroaches in your residential property, call the fully licensed and insured professionals at Exterminator Peterborough. 

Now if you see these eggs, the question should arise whether you are not dealing with a larger issue such as having a cockroach infestation. This is of course a very grave concern for many who suddenly are seeing an uptick in cockroach eggs. If you do notice cockroach eggs on your clothes the first course of action should be to wash these clothes in hot water and to make sure that all the cockroach eggs are destroyed.

The reason why hot water is this important is that these cockroach eggs cannot stand very high temperatures, and therefore setting your washing machine to the highest setting is very beneficial.

Cockroaches have basic criteria when it comes to looking for a suitable place to stay. These cockroaches will look for warmth, moisture, food, and water. Once these things are established sources, the cockroach will have no reason to stay in the place and or in the space. This is the case for a lot of insects like cockroaches and bed bugs they will have no reason to leave once they find the spot that can tend to all their criteria. Once the infestation has been going on for quite some time, cockroaches can cause health risks for those with a compromised immune system. 

There are a lot of natural solutions on a lot of help-help websites that offer natural solutions. Some of these include boric acid, vinegar, and essential oils. These solutions are deemed to be very effective but do not expect the same results because, unlike commercial-grade pesticides, the efficacy of these solutions cannot be guaranteed and is not uniform in the same sense commercial-grade pesticides have been utilized, gauged, and tested.

Professionals use successful methods and their experience to make sure that the control issue is not only under control, but also completely eradicated. Technicians will start the treatment process with a detailed interior inspection, determine and identify places of high activity, and then counterattack with the commercial-grade pesticide in various forms that have long-lasting residual effects that will continue to affect the population long after technicians have taken their leave. Technicians know what pesticides to use based on what circumstances these substances are meant to be used for.

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