Can Mice Get Inside Fridge

Mice are very skilled rodents that will take advantage of every opportunity to reach their goal, including any openings or holes in your property. They can easily squeeze through small gaps and crevices, even in appliances such as fridges. This is why they can be dangerous creatures when it comes to getting inside electrical appliances or behind them, as they can reproduce and create a nest.

If you have mice on the property, call in the help of licensed and insured mouse control specialists from Exterminator Peterborough.

The main way that mice get inside your property is through entry points, such as holes, crevices, and gaps. These entry points can include foundational gaps, weep holes, wall vents, utility line gaps, and even open garage doors. When mice infest a property, they can cause a significant amount of damage that can be difficult to repair.

The kitchen remains a very attractive place for many mice and this is why many mice will find their way to the kitchen. Another thing that people seem to forget is that the garage fridge, which often doubles as an extra stockpile is also at risk since these fridges are usually hand-me-downs or simply were replaced by the newer fridge that is currently used. These garage fridges may be more susceptible to break-ins that the newer shinier fridge since this might have damage that goes unnoticed.

Many people may not be aware of the vulnerable points in their property and may not know how to control the mouse population. Instead, they may resort to violent methods to kill the mice or try to use traps and bait stations, but these methods are often ineffective.

Mice have a high reproductive rate, making it impossible for most people to keep tabs on the population. This is why it is better to call in professional pest control experts who have the expertise and equipment to conduct an exterior and interior inspection to determine the most active movement between the inside and the outside of the property. They will also make sure that all the entry points are sealed with galvanized materials that will prevent mice from ever entering.

If you want to get rid of mice, it is important to call in professional assistance from exterminator Peterborough. These experts have the commercial-grade equipment and knowledge necessary to effectively control the mouse population and prevent future infestations. Don’t let the
mice take advantage of any kind of hole or opening to get inside your property and get professional help today.

Professionals conduct detailed exterior and interior inspections to find where the vulnerable points are throughout the property and as such will know exactly where the mice enter from and spread out from. This is important to know because it will help the technicians know where to seal and identify entry points to prevent future infestations. Call 705-535-0854 for professional help now.