How to Rid of Mice in Basement

Mice gravitate toward spaces that are secluded and are to find and therefore it is hard for people to get rid of mice In the basement.

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People often have a hard time identifying where the mouse presence is mainly located, and this can be an issue for many in the long term because of the breeding habits of mice which start early on

In the span of a few months, your house may be overrun by mice unknowingly and this can happen right at this very moment behind wall voids in the basement. Many people also have defunct crawl spaces that used to function as cooling rooms in the olden days where these rooms were used to refrigerate goods.

Now with the advent of modern technology, we do not need these designated spaces and most of these spaces have been closed off.

How mice get into the basement

You probably wonder how mice will get into the basement while reading this and that is not an odd thing to ask considering that the basement is one of these places that seem hard to reach. The way that mice will get inside these spaces is by exploiting what we call in the industry entry points.

These entry points are dotted around the perimeter of the property and will consist out of gaps, holes, cracks, foundation gaps, utility line gaps, wall vents, and roof vents for those mice who are a little bit more adventurous like the roof rat. In most cases, mice will take advantage of a foundation gap that is formed through years of wear and tear over time.

Once that gap is big enough, mice can easily take advantage of this by using their flexibility. Mice can squeeze through spaces as wide as a few millimetres. Mice are skilled climbers and crawlers and use their nails and tails to navigate great heights and distances. It is not before long that the mouse finds itself inside and from there spread out.

How to get rid of mice in the basement

As was briefly mentioned before, most people do not even know that they have mice in their basement because of the isolated location. People will find out weeks later when the issue has spun out of control. People will see live mice or in some cases, smell a pungent smell that reeks so bad that people might have a look what’s wrong.

The solution to getting rid of mice in the basement

The best and most affordable option is to get rid of mice in the basement is to hire professional help. A lot of people have the impression that mouse control is expensive, but truth to be told; this solution does not cost much and is guaranteed.

Compared to over-the-counter solutions, this is a solution that works in one go and where you don’t have to go to the store time and time again. Professionals use commercial-grade rodenticides and traps to get rid of the mice by getting right to the source, so it does not give them a chance to spread of reproduce.

After that, entry points and possible points are sealed completely so a second infestation is out of the question.  To get more information on the procedures, you can hire fully licensed and insured mouse control to get mice in your basement.