Why Do Mice Come in My Home During the Summer

Why Do Mice Come in My Home During the Summer?

Mice and other pests are known to invade our homes in the fall. It is at this time of year that animals across Ontario look for a place to wait out the cold. So, why are you seeing mice in the summer? Shouldn’t they be outside? Mice come into our homes in the summer for the same reasons they come in the fall. They come to escape the weather and hide from their predators. If there are mice in your home, call us for an inspection and guaranteed mouse removal program.

Like us, mice would rather beat the heat in an air-conditioned home. Just as they will sneak into the house when temperatures drop, they will try to get in when temperatures rise. Mice are attracted to the temperatures of our homes and the safety they provide. They can tell that the interior is comfortable by the air that escapes our vents. To get inside, mice will crawl through any gap that is at least one quarter of an inch wide. These include wall vents, cracks in the foundation, or even a door that was left open. After a long winter, there may be more crevices in the structure of your home, letting more pests in.

If there are mice in your home, you should get rid of them as soon as possible. Mice will damage the interior of your walls and they have the potential to carry disease. Start by cleaning up the house and reducing clutter. This will eliminate food sources and hiding spots. Store food in sealed containers and vacuum regularly. Keep surfaces clean and avoid leaving any pet food out overnight. Then, seal entry points. Replace the weatherstripping on your garage door and ensure that your window screens have no holes in them. Seal cracks in your window frames, siding, and foundation with caulking.

Once you are done mouse-proofing, set traps in areas of mouse activity. You can purchase a variety of different mouse traps online or in hardware stores. Traditional snap traps eliminate the mice mechanically, while others electrocute the animals or trap them in a container. Bait your traps with a pea-sized amount of peanut butter, gum drops, marshmallows, or jerky, then set them along the walls. Check your traps every day. When you have caught a mouse, spray it with a disinfectant before handling it. Then, throw the mouse out in the garbage. If using live traps, release the animals out in the yard.

Mice may find their way indoors at any time of year. The key to a pest-free home is to make it as inaccessible and unattractive as possible. If you are struggling with an infestation, call a local pest remover. Technicians have the skills to recognize where the pests are coming from and eliminate them quickly. Our team members are thoroughly trained in all forms of pest control and have several years of experience. For mouse control that you can count on, call us and set up your mouse extermination: 705-535-0854.