How to Get Rid of Paper Wasp Nest in Tree

How to Get Rid of Paper Wasp Nest in Tree

Paper wasps are unpleasant pests that risk stinging you and your loved ones. Having a nest on the property can be very frustrating. Paper wasps can however be removed with some careful spraying. Powerful insecticides can be purchased in stores and used against these annoying bugs. Just remember that they have to be removed correctly – wasps will sting you if they can and they will come right back to their nesting spot. For wasp removal you can count on, call us for wasp exterminations in Peterborough: 705-535-0854.

Paper wasps are common throughout the summer months, buzzing around yards and causing trouble. Paper wasps measure up to 25cm in length and have black and yellow stripes on their elongated bodies. Their nests look papery and hang from trees, soffits, and other structures. What differentiates paper wasp nests from other species is how they are open-faced; their waffled cell structures are exposed to the exterior. A typical nest will house up to 30 adult wasps. Paper wasps usually build their nests in the spring, then die off in the fall when temperatures drop.

To get rid of a paper wasps’ nest, make sure that you can access it first. Nests that are too high off the ground will likely require a professional approach. Purchase an insecticide that is specifically designed for wasps, then wait until it is dark out before approaching the nest. Put on a thick set of clothes and a face net to ensure that you do not get stung. Then, spray the insecticide directly onto the nest. Spray generously. Repeat this process again the next night, then remove the nest by knocking it off its branch.

Know that removing a wasps’ nest yourself can be a difficult and dangerous task. Wasps will sting you if you get too close to their nest. If you are allergic to wasps, you may need to seek medical attention. A single sting can swell up and cause a tremendous amount of discomfort. Consider calling a professional pest remover instead. Professionals are trained, licensed, and experienced in wasp removal for your safety and peace of mind. They charge a flat fee and usually guarantee their services, so if the wasps come back to the same spot, the professionals will return and remove them once again.

The technicians at Exterminator Peterborough have years of experience in dealing with paper wasps. They identify the causes of your wasp issue and get rid of the pests quickly. We provide lasting solutions to all wasp problems. The products we use are highly effective and safe for both indoor and outdoor use. Call the experts at Exterminator Peterborough for an inspection today. We guarantee results and provide extensive warranties on every one of our services.