What Attracts Mosquitoes and How to Get Rid of Them

What Attracts Mosquitoes and How to Get Rid of Them

Mosquitoes are often dreaded in the warmer months during the summer. The constant buzzing keeps many people awake during the warmer months. Many people who have been the victim of mosquitoes can find themselves covered with several itchy red bumps. Several factors attract mosquitoes and there are also many ways to get rid of them as well. Before diving in, it is important to know that mosquitoes are capable of transferring deadly diseases including the Chikungunya virus, West Nile virus, Zika virus, dengue, and malaria. Depending on the geographic location, season, or time of the day, people might be at risk from mosquito-borne diseases. Cases can vary from very mild to very severe including the possibility of death. 

What attracts mosquitoes? 

Mosquitoes are attracted to sweat and blood. It may come as no surprise considering they often terrorize people at night. Studies have shown that mosquitoes maybe even be drawn to specific blood types. The blood type that is most susceptible to being chosen by mosquitoes is blood type O. Mosquitoes seem to be heavily drawn to sweat as well. It is because mosquitoes need water to survive. It gives the mosquitoes the perfect opportunity in the hot summer months to profit off of. 

Certain smells seem to be an important factor as well. Floral scents are shown to draw mosquitoes. These can be found in many personal care items such as deodorants, perfumes, soaps, lotions, and oils as well.

It is known that insects are attracted to bright colors. People who wear bright have the most difficulty fighting off bees. It also happens to be the case for mosquitoes as well. As it turns out, the color of your clothes can be an incentive for mosquitoes to get closer to you. Bold and bright colors are especially attractive to these flying pests. Covering up will help prevent mosquito bites such as wearing full-sleeve shirts and pants legs that cover the ankle at least. 

How to get rid of them

There are several ways to get rid of mosquitoes, and these generally fall into two categories. The natural method way of repelling them or the chemical method of repelling them. If you go the natural route, mint seems to do the trick here. Mosquitoes have an aversion to the smell that can keep them at bay. Natural oils such as lavender oil can keep mosquitoes at a distance as well. Some people swear by using lemon and cloves to keep them away if you are willing to sacrifice your spice rack for it. As with many natural solutions, the efficiency depends on several factors such as application, placement, and consistency. It is why natural methods end up disappointing most people. 

To see long-term results, it is highly recommended to hire professional pest control technicians that have treated many similar cases. Technicians know the ins and outs to keep these pesky critters away. Technicians are also equipped with the knowledge to answer any question and to recommend follow-up treatments may they come back. The pest control field has advanced beyond toxic formulations where technicians can offer safe and reliable treatments. The advantage is that these treatments are targeted and not at random, reducing time and stress for those who need a mosquito-free home or workplace. Call the technicians at Exterminator Peterborough now, and we will put your mind at ease!