How to Get Rid of Mice Inside My Kitchen

How to Get Rid of Mice Inside My Kitchen

Are you seeing mice in the kitchen? Mice are troublesome little creatures that love to infest our kitchens and pantries. They have everything mice need: food, water, and places to hide. Once inside, mice will multiply and dirty the kitchen with their feces, putting you at risk of getting very sick. It is important that you get rid of these pests as soon as possible. For mouse control that you can count on, call us for mouse control solutions.

It is not uncommon to see mice in the house during the colder winter months and the heat of the summer. Like us, they seek shelter from the elements. Mice can tell that the interior is comfortable and can even smell the foods we keep indoors. To get inside, they will crawl through the weep vents and wall vents on the exterior walls of the home. Cracks in the foundation, siding, and window frames are also common entry points. Mice will even take advantage of an open door. Once inside, they like to nest in wall voids and other quiet, enclosed spaces near food and water.

If you want to get rid of the mice in your kitchen, start by making your home as inhospitable as possible. Clean your cupboards and reduce as much clutter as you can. Then, store foods in tightly sealed containers. Vacuum and mop on a regular basis and keep surfaces clean so that there is no food for the mice to eat. Take the garbage out every night and avoid leaving any pet food out. You should then examine your kitchen and the exterior of the home carefully for points of entry. Seal every crack and crevice you find with a silicone caulking or expanding foam. You can also block holes with steel wool.

Once you are finished pest-proofing, set up traps in areas of mouse activity. You can purchase a variety of mouse traps online or in hardware stores. Snap traps, for example, eliminate mice on the spot. Live traps, on the other hand, can trap several mice at a time without doing them any harm. Bait your traps with a very small amount of peanut butter or candy, then place them along the kitchen walls or bottoms of infested cupboards. The more traps, the better. Check your traps every day. If using snap traps, spray the mice with disinfectant first before throwing the mice out.

Getting rid of mice in the kitchen is easier said than done. These animals breed very quickly, and they can feed off very small amounts of food. For guaranteed results, reach out to a local pest remover. Technicians know where mice hide, and they have the tools to get rid of them effectively. The professionals at Exterminator Peterborough have several years of experience in dealing with mice. They can identify the causes of your infestation and help you pest-proof your property to avoid a future invasion. Call The Exterminators in Peterborough for guaranteed pest control.