How to Recognize Carpenter Ants

How to Recognize Carpenter Ants?

You might be puzzled as to why you are seeing big brown or black ants roaming around your house. This might be very concerning to see and this might indicate that you are dealing with a full-blown infestation. To combat this you might need to hire a professional pest control expert from Exterminator Peterborough. Technicians that specialize in pest control can adjust and adapt their strategies based on the needs that the issue requires and that is the reason why they succeed, and an individual homeowner does not.

Carpenter ant colonies are quite unique from other colonies typically found in nature as the colony is sub-divided into two colonies actually. The parent colony and the satellite colony typically takes residence in much dryer climates as opposed to the parent colony who starts out in moist wood such as tree stump or logs. As colonies appear in houses they can be problematic as carpenter ants usually move in droves damage the structural integrity of the home these carpenter ants become a nuisance as they enlarge their presence by the month.

Noises in the Walls

If you assume you have carpenter ants in the wall, simply knock on the wall and you should hear gentle rustling inside. This rustling noise, not unlike that of cellophane, is common when the ants are burrowing through the wood or moving around in the wall.

Wood Damage

One of the initial signs of a severe infestation is small, rectangular holes in wood. This indicates that the ants are chewing through the wood and the tunnel can go deep inside the structure.

Sawdust and/or Wood Shavings

This sawdust-like material is known as frass which the ants kick out as they burrow into the wood. You are most likely to spot small piles of frass in dark areas, corners and crawl spaces. Contrary to popular belief, carpenter ants don’t eat wood because it has no nutritional value to them. The ants simply burrow through the wood to create nests deep inside the structure.

Over-counter-products are not efficient enough to take on thousands of ants because of a lack of active ingredients that will actually kill them. The professional pest control technicians from Exterminator Peterborough are trained, certified, and licensed to operate potent formulations that have a big impact on the carpenter ant colony. The professionals of Exterminator Peterborough are seasoned professionals that have been in the industry for more than a decade and continue to help those who want their freedom back. We have helped families, individuals, and business owners get their lives on track.

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