mouse in the house with Baby

Mouse in The House With Baby

If you have found a baby mouse in the basement that can be a sign of concern. there is no reason why a mouse should be in the basement. but once you know how mice get into the basement and why day want to be in the basement then the reason for the mice being the basement will make sense just like humans mice will look for shelter, warmth, and protection.

The reason why they get into the basement is because they take advantage of the many entry points that are dotted around the perimeter of the property. entry point is when give my sway to the interior of the property and from there on can spread to under rooms of the property such as the basement and or a crawl space.

The reason why mice are in the basement is that there is probably a entry point in the foundation gap. These foundation gaps will develop over time through heavy wear and tear and exposure of the elements. another factor might be that they found their way through weep holes or weep vents. dealer gaps in brickwork dad provide the property with adequate ventilation. it might be hard to believe but my can squeeze through gaps that are in millimetres wide. they have a very flexible exo skeleton and will use this to maneuver and navigate tight spaces.

Mice are very resilient rodents but at the same time are very curious and careful animals. this helps a rodent to stay under the radar and to stay away from human interaction. mice or by nature nocturnal creatures which means that they are most active at the leading part of the day meaning night. during this time the mouse will go to the food source and water source to get water and food since the stomach is so small it will not take until 15 or 20 times to satisfy its cravings. demos do not have a particular preference for food and for this reason, are known as omnivores meaning that they will eat about everything and anything possible that is readily available.

So you probably wonder what science there is to recognize mouse presence. There are several sciences that you can look out for to confirm the presence of mice in your property.

if you randomly find scattered droppings that have the shape of rice grains then you might be in the midst of an active mouse infestation since mice do not have a designated place to drop or leave their feces. unfortunately paired with this mouse urine will also be found in the same place. if you have kids or pets, it is urgent that you remove these mouse feces right away. this can be simply done with a damp towel and a water bleach solution to disinfect the area where these mouse droppings were found.

if you find mouse droppings or life mice then it is time to call a professional exterminator add a specialized mouse extermination and sealing of the property. Call 705-535-0854