Do Cockroaches Spread Eggs When Squashed

Yes, cockroaches do spread eggs when they are squashed and can even push the eggs out of their egg sack called the ootheca. This will cause baby cockroaches to sprawl up in a lot of different places. These cockroaches might even cause a short spike of increased activity and might even send the whole household into a frenzy.

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The best way to kill a cockroach you would think is to step on it, but this is not the advice that anybody should follow even though it is part of a natural reflex to step on an insect when you do not like it. The cockroach though is a bit different.

You see when you step on the cockroach, it has the chance of sending eggs in all kinds of directions and not really eliminating the issue but helping the issue instead. The best way to get rid of cockroaches is to take preventive measures by making sure that your workspace and living space is clean at all times.

Cockroaches in the kitchen can be hidden everywhere. They can be in drawers, countertops, cupboards, in the sink area, and under electrical and household appliances. They can even be inside household appliances such as dishwashers which is where cockroaches pass through cracks and crevices to get inside and eat from the leftovers on the plates.  It’s important that you know where cockroaches are and how to recognize them. This of course does not limit itself to the dishwasher alone but further extends to unwashed dishes.

How to prevent cockroaches

The best way to prevent cockroaches is to make sure they won’t like it on your property. Having a cleaning regime will help definitely in making the house as unattractive as possible. This all starts with the floor which cockroaches spend most of their time on. What may seem like tiny crumbs to us is a feast to these roaches.  make sure crumbs, leftovers, and pet food are not on the floor. This will only attract more roaches!

The cupboards are full of food. Chances are that you might have spilled in your cabinets and drawn cockroaches. Do a full sweep and clean the cabinets from the inside out. The same goes for drawers and pantries. A good motivation to not let your dishes soak in the fact that cockroaches eat from them. Nobody wants that! So instead, wash them off preferably on the same day. (no excuses here). Another thing that people need to pay attention to is storing food. Roaches have an incredible sense of smell believe it or not and won’t wait to flock to the food once it’s the time! Make sure to put our food away in the fridge in a sealed container.

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