How To Keep Mice Out of Kitchen Drawers

It might be very concerning once you find out that mice are in your kitchen drawers and don’t know what to do. Mice tend to go to spaces where they have food in abundance together with proper shelter and warmth and more often most houses fall in this category. Before we dive into how to keep mice away from kitchen drawers you might be curious to know how they got in the house in the first place. The most prevalent species that people see in houses are aptly named the House Mouse.

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These mice can be found in most human habitations and can even spread out to barns and other man-made structures. A fascinating fact is that these mice are so rarely found in nature that they are believed to outpace the ones that live in the wild.

These mice seek the interior by exploiting what we call entry points. These entry points can be just about any hole around the perimeter of the property which also can include foundation gaps that are formed from wear and tear. These holes can be small at a first glance to people but to mice, this offers ample space for mice to slip through.

Mice are often found in the basements, crawl spaces, and the kitchen where mice are often seen scurrying when they are spotted by a human. So, now that you know how these mice come into the house, you probably know why they target the drawers. It’s simply food. Crumbs are a good source of food and at night they might even have nightly runs that can even add up in the hundreds because of their capacity to eat small amounts of food.

So let’s see how we keep them out of our drawers!

  1. The first thing that you need to do is clean up the crumbs that these mice are attracted to. As mentioned earlier mice have smaller stomachs and will make trips very frequently. Make sure you clean out the crumbs thoroughly. Not only in the drawer but make sure these crumbs are picked up from the floor as well. A crumb is a mouse’s meal.
  2. You can set mouse poison alone on the walls and this is what can make mice stay away too. Caution is advised that poison might be effective for a limited time. There are different kinds of mouse poisons like pellets or blocks. It is advised to let this be handled by a professional.
  3. You can caulk the holes or use metal wool to create a barrier between the outside and the drawer by plugging the holes. This might have a disadvantage due to the diameter or shape of the hole.
  4. The best option as mentioned, before is to hire a professional mouse control expert. That will find the mice, treat the source, and make sure they cannot come into the house at all.


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