How to Get Rid of Ticks

How to Get Rid of Ticks

If you are worried about the ticks in your area, give us a call for exterminators in Peterborough or near you. Ticks are dangerous creatures. A large number of ticks carry Lyme disease which is incurable after just 24 hours. This illness is debilitating. They prefer moist and warm areas and are commonly found in armpits, groins and scalps. When it finds a place that is suitable the tick will burrow its head deep into the skin and will be very painful and difficult to remove.

Ticks and mammals

They are also fast and can run across a human or animal body rapidly without the animal noticing. They can pray on nearly anything except insects and arachnids. Amphibians and mammals as well as reptiles are all available to the tick. Ticks prefer animals with fur as hiding is much easier which is why they prefer hair-covered areas on humans.

Tick in action
Ticks carry many blood born diseases that can cause severe illnesses in humans and animals.

Tick life cycle

While nymphs and adult ticks have consumed blood from other animals and humans before you the larva of the species, also needs a blood meal to reach its pupa stage. This is the cocoon they enter to hatch out as nymphs. Ticks are long-lived in comparison to many insects. They go through three stages of transformation after hatching from an egg. The first stage is a six-legged larva that can ambulate and drink your blood which is laid and hatches in the spring.

Ticks are seasonal

In the summer they become larvae and hibernate in a cocoon for what can be months or years. They will then hatch as a nymph and will immediately seek out a blood meal. Upon consuming it the bug will grow fully into an adult. This process can take up to four years to complete but in good conditions can take months or even weeks. Getting rid of them is a process you can not do with domestic products. Professional pesticide treatment is needed to end the infestation.

Tick bites

The tick burrows down through the skin to get close to the vein and then drinks using a series of mouthparts similar to fleas. However, unlike fleas, they have Two Palps which are none destructive mouth parts that move to the side of the face while feeding. The interior mouthparts include three structures. The first two are chelicerae and are used to cut an opening in the skin and to spread that opening so they can prick the vein with their barbed hypodermic needle-like hypostome.

How long ticks can drain blood for

This process can last for days as the tick slowly drains your blood while mixing it with its saliva. This means pathogens ticks have consumed from other creatures can easily be passed to you, your pet or your children. If the dick drains you for more than twenty-four hours then you will have Lyme disease which is incurable in the event the tick had first acquired it from drinking an animal infected with the disease. In nature, this is very common and most animals with ticks will have Lyme disease so it should be assumed that if you have a tick you should go see a doctor.