Do wasps lose their stingers when they sting you

Wasps are a dangerous and deadly insect with many species, each more dangerous than the last. Many people refer to larger wasps as hornets but that is actually not true, all wasps are wasps, the word hornet is cultural but does not actually refer to wasps. While larger wasps can do more damage the most dangerous wasps are the yellow jackets. They are dangerous not because their sting is the most painful but because of their numbers.

Wasps populations by species

While a paper wasp nest may contain up to twelve or more adult wasps a yellow jacket nest can have hundreds and even thousands of wasps in one nest. This means if you are attacked by a yellow jacket nest you could die. While bees lose their stingers when they sting and also die from it, a wasp can continue to sting over and over without losing their stingers or dying from it. This means a swarm of wasps can sting you essentially forever. This can mean death, not necessarily from the stinging but from the ensuing heart attack that often takes place while the swarm stings you. Wasps are a severe danger and if you have them on your property you need to get rid of them professionally.

Wasps come in many forms and species
There are many types of wasps, many species and many that are dangerous and some that are not. Paper wasps and Mud Daubers are not especially dangerous. Yellow Jackets and BaldFaced wasps are very dangerous and aggressive.

Wasp species and their differences

There are many kinds of wasps. Some are benign like the mud dauber. This wasp will make mud nests on your property, often on the walls of your house to lay eggs in. Even if you destroy the nest they will not attack you. Even swatting at them will not anger them. They are simply not likely to sting under any circumstance. Not like yellow jackets. Paper wasps are less likely to sting and also have much smaller nests. They number in the tens and have a nest that looks like a lampshade. It is open, unlike most other wasp nests and they are filled with hexagonal inlets that they use to rats their larva.

Wasp stings

Paper wasps are also considered quite beautiful, they are elegant and long and their ness is often collected. They have yellow bands that resemble gold and are often referred to as renaissance wasps. They are not especially dangerous but will sting if you threaten their nest. Bald-faced wasps are a much bigger threat than other wasps, while their population is small they will sting you for no reason at all. Come after their nest and you will regret it. Like yellow jackets an attack from these wasps can and likely will be deadly.

Wasp nest removal

So if you plan on sealing with a wasp nest yourself be careful. Yellow jackets can nest in holes in the mortar between bricks and even in the suffixing of your roof and behind the siding. Those places are very hard to treat domestically but not for a professional exterminator. Even nests that are outside, hanging from a tree branch or attached to a wall are dangerous to treat. If you fail they will attack you and that could be the end of you. So call a professional for any wasp nest you see. The technician will be safe with a bee suit on and commercial-grade pesticides that will kill the nest faster and more easily. With a warrantied treatment you won’t have to worry if they come back, just call the exterminator back to retreat the area.