How to use essential oils to keep the mosquitoes away (2)

10 Reasons Mosquitoes Bite Some People and Not Others

If you find yourself getting bitten by mosquitoes when other people aren’t there may be some very good reasons for that. Mosquitoes are very frustrating insects and when they bite you they can pass on some dangerous diseases. This occurs because they will drink the blood of animals and other humans who may already have an illness and when they bite you they inject some of that blood into you through the process of drinking yours.

Mosquito diseases

This is best shown by the west Nile virus which is still a massive pandemic that kills people en mass in places where mosquitoes are common. The west nile virus was most common by the nile river but has spread internationally and can now be found in the southern united states. Any environment that is hot all year long will be a danger for this illness though even in cold environments which a warm summer can be a threat. While Canada the west nile virus is not a pandemic there are other dangerous illness that can be passed by mosquitoes including Chikungunya Virus, Dengue, Malaria, Zika Virus and Encephalitis. This can make them very dangerous to humans and animals and can result in hospitalization. One of the biggest problems is that mosquitoes don’t bite everyone, they are attracted to certain people for a number of reasons. While male mosquitoes live on nectar from flowers it is the females who must drink blood in order to lay eggs. 

Mosquitoes can spread diseases with their bites
Female mosquitoes are the only ones that drain blood so they can lay their eggs. males don’t drink blood at all.

Blood types attract them differently

Blood type is one of the biggest reasons mosquitoes will bite a human. The most common blood types that mosquitos are interested in are type O bloods if you are O, O negative or O positive then you are a likely target for mosquitoes to bite. They are attracted by sweat which can reveal your blood type based on scent. They are attracted to people who sweat because of the lactic acid and ammonia that are excreted when humans sweat. Exercising or just being someone who sweats a lot can be the reason you are getting bitten so much. This is because your skin is covered in bacteria and microorganisms that combine with sweat to make a specific fragrance that mosquitoes are very attracted to.

Seat and bodily odor

Avoiding sweating heavily in the summer and avoiding perfume stand sweet-smelling shampoos and soaps is a good way to avoid getting bitten. Another strange reason they may be attracted to is gas. Not natural gas from the earth but your gas, farts to be clear. It’s also a matter of respiration. The more you exhale the more they are attracted to you which is why someone who breathes a lot will attract mosquitoes. Pregnancy is also a reason some people will get bitten more.


When pregnant your body gets hotter and your breath more. This attracts them to you like anyone who has a higher respiration rate. One of the strangest ç is wearing dark clothing like black and red clothing which makes you easier for them to see you and they respond to red especially. Drinking beer is also something that attracts them as it mixes with your sweat and makes you smell sweet. Wasps are also attracted to this smell as well as fruit flies. So drinking at the beach to beat the heat could actually cause you to get attacked by more mosquitoes than the other people around you. Wearing white or light colours and avoiding sweet smells is the best way to avoid getting bitten.