Do Mice Stay Away From Light?

Mice are generally seen as nocturnal creatures and that does entail that they are not fond of sunlight, but that does not mean that they will be staying away from sunlight at all. While most of their activity will take place in obscurity that does not mean that they are not willing to adapt.

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Why Mice Stay Away

If you look at their natural habitat, mice will tend to stay in places that are safe and devoid of any predators. They will make sure to stay in enclosures and in holes where they are not an easy target. You may start to wonder what will deter them and that is not simply turning on the lights. In more heavy infestations the mouse will be gradually used to the light and will then don’t even care after a while.

If you want mice to stay away from your property, the best option would be to install several types of lights which economically does not makes sense so what will work and what will not work is the question.

How Mice Get Inside

For this, you will have to understand how mice will get inside the property and what they want exactly and where they usually stay. Mice are very shy but very curious creatures at the same time and thus will take any chance to stay away from any kind of human interaction possible.

Mice will get inside the property through what we call entry points, and these points will be dotted around the property. Gaps, holes, and crevices are usually what entry points are but also points that the average homeowner would not even think of. These mouse infestation can even affect people’s health to the point that people can get sick of them.

What Mice Use to Get Inside

Such points are not even visible. Points that are often overlooked are entry points, wall vents, utility line gaps, weep vents, and even pipes that used to lead to the house directly but are defunct now.

Once these mice will squeeze through these points, these mice can then move freely to other parts of the home and then find a place to reproduce and to even make the colony even bigger. Most mice will make nests in wall voids and cavities and will make a whole network that will function like a full colony behind closed walls. The concerning part of this is, is that these mice might be living and dying behind your walls right now without anybody taking notice of it until the issue is way t late to resolve. The best solution to this issue is to hire licensed and insured pest control professionals that have access to commercial-grade pesticides and equipment.

Pro Help Needed

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