why are cluster flies attracted to my house (1)

why are cluster flies attracted to my house

Cluster flies are not necessarily attracted to your house but because it coincides with their flight path, they might more than likely end up in your attic. Cluster flies or attic flies as they are also known as with cluster around the window most often. These flies can be distinguished by their black bodies and quite slow movements as if they were floating.

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Cluster flies are extremely fast at reproducing and will therefore be a nuisance to deal with sooner or later. In the winter these cluster flies will be specifically drawn to your home because they look for a warm place to overwinter in. The attic is the perfect place because it sits right in their flight path and it gives the cluster flies their well-needed warmth. So how do you get rid of cluster flies? There are several ways to go about this :

  1. Sticky Fly Traps

Sticky Fly Traps are a great alternative if you don’t feel comfortable using a fogger. The downside to using a sticky fly trap is that it depends heavily on the placement of the flytrap. The more flies are on it, the less effective it can get over time as well. It might be satisfying to see the results on tape, but you will also need to replace them once or so often.

  1. Fly Control Lamps

This is a popular solution too. The lamp emits UV-A light that attracts flies. Once they get close, they will get zapped and die. It is quite cheap and does not rely on any frequent check-ups!

  1. A fogger

A fogger is a very effective method to get rid of all kinds of insects throughout the attic. The fogger is effective because the device is not limited to a certain radius per se. The fog gets through all kinds of cracks and crevices. The advantage of this is that the fog does not leave any sticky residue and that it is completely odorless. It is recommended to come back a few hours later. Many different brands are available on the internet and in hardware stores.

  1. Using a professional pest control expert

Professional pest control experts have multiple years of experience in eliminating several pests such as mice, rats, cockroaches, ants, and yes, even cluster flies. They are experts in their field and use their knowledge and expertise to make sure that cluster flies won’t be an issue anymore.

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