peterborough- homeowners- dealing-with-rat-Infestation

Peterborough Homeowners Dealing with Rat Infestation

Peterborough homeowners  are increasingly dealing with rat infestations because these houses might have entry points that the homeowners are not aware of. So what do you do about these rats and how do they get inside the property? Rats are outdoor rodents by nature, but are also very opportunistic when the chance to get more food arises. Rats normally house themselves in what we call rat burrows and surprisingly, they might already be on your property! Rat burrows are enclosed housing structures that consist of multiple chambers and can even house different rats as well.

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There is a hierarchy involved in this burrow as well which involves dominant and less dominant rats and can influence what rats you will see at what time! The subordinate rats will eat only after the dominant rat has eaten and this will happen at a peak time. Since rats are nocturnal animals by nature, the optimal time for rats is to hunt and eat at night. If you see a rat in your yard in daylight, then you might very well see a subordinate rat.

So how do rats, in general, get inside your house? This is where the agility of the rat comes in and exploits what is called entry points. Entry points are visible and less obvious points of entry around the property that the rat can exploit to gain access to the inside and from thereon go on to spread or reach other parts of the interior. Rats use the following entry points but are not limited to these only. Foundation gaps, utility line gaps, drainage pipes, exterior vents, garage door gaps, garage door entry, and underground utility pipes that lead to the property.

Once the rat enters the interior it will begin to spread and build a nest or continue to create burrows. In most cases, rats will find their way in the lower levels of a property, specifically the basement or crawl space. In most homes, the crawl space was once a functional space before the arrival of modern cooling and preservation equipment like cool boxes and refrigerators. These crawl spaces are either blocked off by a wall or made inaccessible by any other means which gives the rat free-range do to whatever it wants behind closed walls. Rats can repopulate fairly quickly, and this is noted by strange sounds from behind these walls.

So, what do you do about this? The best way to do this is to hire exterminators that are licensed and insured professionals from Rat Control Peterborough that have the right tools and equipment to get the work done. Professionals conduct detailed interior and exterior inspections, deploy rodenticides and snap traps, and proof and seal the entry points for a complete closure that cannot be exploited anymore.