How to Remove Wasp Nests in the Ground?

You might find this odd, but there are wasps that nest underground. These wasps prefer to nest beneath soils or beneath leaves and other kinds of debris as it provides shelter. Most ground wasps can be classified as solitary wasps, and this entails that wasps do not live in colonies and have individual nests. Most social wasps live in colonies of 500 to 1000 wasps in one nest or hive.

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Ground wasps will only appear on a property and will make a nest in the soil if the conditions are perfect, these nests will be built in these areas. Another big draw for these wasps is the proximity of food sources nearby. Most adult wasps have a varied diet that can consist of fruits. So how do we get rid of these wasps that are seemingly so difficult to remove? So how do we go about removing ground wasps?

1 Keep your lawn trimmed

Keeping your lawn neat and trimmed will play a big role in how much these wasps will consider and ground wasps will prefer to stay hidden under a pile of leaves and trees as well. Make sure your lawn is watered sufficiently as these wasps will prefer to nest in dried soil. If you make sure that everything is watered well and maintained, then wasps have no reason to stay in your lawn.

2 Diatomaceous Earth

DE is highly efficient for garden purposes and is highly effective to treat these ground wasps. DE are made from crushed remains that are called silica that is fossilized. This material works like sharp shards and will hurt the wasp. It is like stepping on glass for the wasp and will make sure that these underground wasps have no reason to stay. Besides these, DE is also very good for fighting grubs.

3 Soaps & Water

Water and soap seem like a strange solution, but it is known as very known low-tech solution. All that you need to do is to mix water and soap and pour it into the ground where the wasps are housing themselves.

The best and guaranteed way to get rid of these wasps is to hire professionals from Exterminator Peterborough that are licensed and insured. Professionals have access to highly potent pesticides and equipment to deal with wasps safely. Professionals also make sure that they have the right protective equipment and also make sure that these wasps. Technicians will make sure what the extent is of the inspection by conducting an exterior inspection. This allows the technicians to have a complete picture of the infestation.  Technicians are the ones which the right knowledge, qualifications, and equipment to make the extermination successful.