how to get rid of ground digger wasps

how to get rid of ground digger wasps

Ground digger wasps, also commonly known as Cicada Killers are mostly active during the summer months. They start making their entrance around June-July and fade around the colder months around August-September. Ground digger wasps take their name from how they hatch their eggs and the process surrounding them. The Ground Digger Wasps dig out chambers in soil, usually near vegetables. Ground digger wasps bury their eggs in the soil. They scout for cicadas to kill as sustenance for their larvae. Once the cicada is killed, the ground digger wasp returns to where it buried the eggs and buries them along with the eggs. Usually, one cicada would be enough for up to three eggs. This is because when the eggs hatch, the larvae can survive on the grub until they can function independently. 

Ground Digger Wasps can be perceived as quite menacing, however, they will rarely sting humans unless provoked severely. It is only the females that are capable of stinging. When Ground Digger Wasps go on the hunt for cicadas, they will paralyze the cicada with their stinger. Male Ground Digger Wasps, on the other hand, will keep humans at a distance by displaying aggression. The roles of males in the Ground Digger Wasp dynamic takes on a more passive role. They are seen in groups and fight for dominance. 

Cicada Killers or Ground Digger Wasps are classified as solitary wasps. They will not defend their nest actively unless provoked. This is very different behavior from what we see from ‘social ‘bees and wasps who will actively defend and fend off intruders trespassing on their territory. The size of such a Ground Digger Wasp can be quite large. adult wasps usually can grow up to almost two inches in length. They can be recognized by their hairy red-brown middle parts (thoraxes) and can have black to reddish abdominal parts (in the back). That in combination with quite big yellow stripes marked on its body makes it very recognizable especially during the cicada season. 

Seen the amount of cicadas spring up each year, the need to repel Ground Digger Wasps is equally a concern. Countless websites have home remedies to homemade traps. lemon ammonia is often suggested to pour straight into the burrows. This can be quite harmful to your garden as it will kill everything around it. You will need to reseed your grass or flowers. Pouring chemicals into the open can be damaging to the environment as well. pouring down a sugar-water solution is also a popular method as it is said to attract ants and drive them away. All of these solutions have pros and cons and the effectiveness depends heavily on the mixture and the frequency these solutions are poured down. Therefore, it is highly recommended to call a professional wasp removal technician to get rid of Ground Digger Wasps quickly and hassle-free. 

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